Tours to Tajikistan – one of the oldest states in the world

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Do you wish not just to rest, but to spend time with benefit and pleasure? Don’t know what direction to choose? Are you ready for new adventures? Then welcome to Tajikistan!

Tajikistan is the only Iranian-speaking country in Central Asia: nothing like this you have not met! Unique tradition, ancient culture, picturesque foothills, endless plains, the stunning nature: a tour in Tajikistan – it is a dream come true!

With Minzifa Travel sightseeing tours to Tajikistan become even more affordable and exciting. Think with which direction you would like to start your acquaintance with the Asian country and choose your dream tour.

Tajikistan – it is not only a wide range of opportunities for active, cultural and sightseeing holidays. It is an amazing culture, which in its time was influenced by Persians, Iranians, Uzbeks, Russians and other peoples. Here, the traditions of Islam are closely intertwined with Zoroastrian rituals and ancient customs of the ancestors. Colorfulness of Tajikistan and untouched nature, which takes your breath away, will make you fall in love with this Asian place once and for all!

We are pleased to present

Classic Cultural Tour of Tajikistan

How many days do you think would be enough to fully experience the culture of Tajikistan? Yes, the more the better! But to start with, we recommend to stop at 7 days of an intensive program.

During this time, tourists will have time to:

  • get acquainted with the ancient monuments of Zoroastrianism;
  • visit fabulous cities, through which passed the Great Silk Road;
  • enjoy the beauty of endless lakes;
  • to visit the colorful oriental bazaars;
  • taste the dishes of the national Tajik cuisine.

Tours to Tajikistan can be purchased starting at $1,360.

Weekend Tours in Tajikistan

You don’t have a lot of time, but you want to see as many of Tajikistan’s sights as possible? It’s easy! We organize short weekend tours, so even for a day or two vacationers can:

  • Visit archeological monuments of Buddhist monastery complexes;
  • get acquainted with a heritage of Islamic architecture;
  • plunge into the world of turbulent waterfalls and majestic mountains;
  • enjoy the fascinating views of Lake Iskanderul, the Varzob Gorge, and the Gissar Mountains;
  • walk around the mysterious and ancient cities.

The price for a weekend tour to Tajikistan starts at $230.

The Pampier Trail

A tour to Tajikistan would not be complete without a trip along the Pamir Tract. It is an intriguingly strong tour, which is available to the most adventurous tourists who are ready for an adventurous adventure.

Vacationers who dare to make a desperate move:

  • Will learn about the history of Sufi monuments;
  • visit the salt lake Karakul and medicinal spring Garmchashma;
  • visit the heart of the Fann Mountains;
  • see the famous statue of Buddha;
  • Enjoy stunning views of glaciers and mountains.

The price for a tour to Tajikistan 2022 starts at $ 1730.

Day Trips to Tajikistan

Are you passing through Tajikistan and only have a few hours? We know how to make the most of them! Why not take a one-day tour of Dushanbe or Khujand, which will change your idea of the Asian country?

Depending on the chosen city and program, sightseers will:

  • will visit the main sights;
  • stroll through the bright oriental bazaar;
  • take pictures in the quiet and cozy streets;
  • taste juicy fruits;
  • get acquainted with the hospitable locals.

The cost of a one-day tour to Tajikistan – from $85.

With Minzifa Travel you will see even more countries, and Tajikistan will definitely be among them! We will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have and help you choose your dream tour. Our e-mail: We look forward to seeing you there!

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