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Tour to Dushanbe

Dushanbe is the political and economic center of Tajikistan and at the same time the beautiful and colorful city of Asia. The name of the city translates as “Monday”, but we guarantee that with Minzifa Travel every day of your trip will seem like a real holiday.

What to see in Dushanbe?

When you arrive in Dushanbe, be sure to visit:

  • The Pamir Road. The Silk Road once passed through this mountainous section of the Pamirs. There are gray landscapes, no greenery, bright colors and special opportunities for tourism. But the most daring tourists can climb high cliffs: breathtaking from the oxygen starvation and the surrounding beauty;
  • Golden Bridge. A landmark created during the Soviet era. At first, the bridge did not particularly attract holidaymakers and looked casual. But after the reconstruction it became one of the top items on travelers’ lists. Because of the sculptures in the form of golden wings and the original backlighting, the bridge really looks golden;
  • Dushanbe Zoo. Since the 1960s, it has been considered one of the best Soviet zoos. Unlike most zoos, all conditions have been created here for the careful custody of animals. Because of the mild climate in the zoo in Dushanbe, you can keep camels and elephants;
  • Flagpole. Until 2014, the flagpole in Dushanbe was the highest in the world (165 meters), but now Saudi Arabia has the palm. Still, this landmark should not go unnoticed. The original flag of Tajikistan was replaced by a smaller flag (it was torn and faded). Now it is hoisted only on major holidays;
  • Hoji Yakub Mosque. This is one of the largest monumental buildings in Asia, which can accommodate 120 thousand people. The minaret is decorated with mosaics, and there is a library, dining hall, parking lot, and madrasah;
  • National Museum of Antiquities. If you want to learn the history of not only Dushanbe, but the whole of Tajikistan, you should go to this very museum. The history of the museum has almost a century, and here you can see jewelry, embroidery, sculptures created in the Bronze Age or just a few decades ago.

Weather in Dushanbe

Dushanbe has a sharply continental climate. In summer, it is very hot (up to +33 ° C), and it rarely rains. Winter is the rainy season: they are not long, but frequent. Autumn in the city is dry and warm, and in spring, the wind blows almost every day, there are thunderstorms.

When is the best time to go to Dushanbe?

In terms of climate, Dushanbe is not particularly different from other Central Asian cities. The most favorable time in the capital of Tajikistan is early fall and late spring. When choosing the time of travel, you should be guided by how exactly you want to spend your vacation:

  • Winter is a great time to go skiing. However, you should not forget about snowstorms: many roads may be blocked, and climbing in the Pamirs during this season is not allowed at all;
  • Spring is a great period for festival tourism. In the upper 20s of March, Dushanbe celebrates Navruz, which is accompanied by sports competitions and concerts. Since April, the average air temperature is +20 ° C, so tourists can enjoy hiking;
  • Summer – in the city at this time of year it is very hot, but in the mountains – cool and comfortable. If you want, vacationers can spend the night in a tent, admire the beauty of the valleys and eat fresh fruit;
  • Autumn – in September you can still walk in the mountains, but from October it is better to spend your vacations in Dushanbe: in high mountains it may rain a lot.

Dushanbe is a beautiful city, which tourists can get acquainted with Minzifa Travel. For questions about booking tours and to get acquainted with the prices, please contact e-mail, WhatsApp. See you in Tajikistan!

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