Travel to Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan

travel to Kochkor

No matter how much you have heard about Kochkor, or if you have heard at all. It is the center of Kyrgyzstan’s civilization and a favorite resort of the Khans from past centuries, which is definitely worth seeing with your own eyes. And Minzifa Travel is here to help!

Kochkor would not be Kyrgyzstan if it is not surrounded by the most amazing legends. There are 12 versions of the origin of the name of the village. The most widespread and romantic one says that a young traveler fell in love with the khan’s daughter. The love was mutual, but the khan refused to give the girl away unless the groom could increase the number of camels 100 times. The cold came, the animals were freezing, and the traveler despaired and began to beg for help, shouting “kach-kar”, which means “go away cold”. Nature and Khan took pity on the unhappy lover, and the wedding took place.

What to see in Kochkor?

The main asset of Kochkor is the people. They participate with great engagement in the Swiss program, which improves the quality of life in the villages, and are happy to communicate with every tourist. That is why, without much effort, holidaymakers can listen to a folklore concert, put up a real yurt, and see how felt patterned carpets are made. If you want to enjoy the cultural program, you should start with sightseeing:

  • local history museum. The museum has more than 4,000 exhibits, so tourists will have a lot to see. There are items of everyday life and culture of the Kyrgyz, as well as exhibits made by Kyrgyz craftsmen. A separate collection is dedicated to Cholponbek Bazarbaev, an outstanding ballet dancer who was born in Kochkor;
  • Orto-Tokoi Reservoir. The water temperature, even in summer, does not rise above 15 ° C. It is mostly visited by inveterate fishermen and lovers of wildlife;
  • Shamsy gorge. The slopes of the gorge are covered with Tien Shan firs and century-old pines, and tourists are attracted by subalpine meadows and medicinal pine scents;
  • the Dolon Pass is a favorite place for ethnologists from all over the world. The natural environment is almost undisturbed here, so there are all conditions for the existence of rare species of animals and plants;
  • Sonkel Lake – a high-mountain lake and the main object of eco-tourism. Untouched pastures, protected areas, reedbeds, waterfowl – Kyrgyzstan in pristine condition;
  • Son-Kul Lake – the most picturesque part of the reserve. There are almost no trees here, but rare flowers grow. And the object of attraction of tourists are edelweiss. If desired, vacationers can spend the night in a yurt, taste the national cuisine and taste the milk of a mare.

Weather in Kochkor

Kochkor has a moderate continental climate. Summers are dry and hot, with an average daily air temperature of 29-30 ° C. Winter is snowy and frosty, but the temperature rarely falls below -4 ° C. The sunniest month is August and the cloudiest is March. The rainy season begins in late March and lasts until early summer. Autumn is warm and sunny, with no precipitation and no wind.

When is the best time to go to Kochkor?

Kochkor is most beautiful in summer, especially for tourists who want to see the lakes. At this time of year it is very picturesque, rhododendrons, tulips and edelweiss bloom, and locals offer to spend the night in a yurt. The rest of the seasons are also suitable for travel in Kochkor, but you should be guided by the weather before you go.

Kochkor is an ancient city that hides many secrets and legends. Are you ready to find out the answers to your questions? Then contact Minzifa Travel on WhatsApp, e-mail We look forward to hearing from you!

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