Traveling to Kyrgyzstan

Traveling to Kyrgyzstan

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle and dream of a quiet, but at the same time rich vacation, welcome to Kyrgyzstan! No crowds of tourists, no overcrowded megacities, no stereotypical entertainment – here it is, the very pristine and authentic Asia!

Minzifa Travel company will help you to get close to the wanderings of nomads and take a new look at everyday life. Donkey wagons and cars, old churches and futuristic architecture, European cuisine and national Kyrgyz food – Kyrgyzstan is full of the most amazing contrasts!

One thing is unchanged: whether you’re around nature spots, in the urban jungle or in the city center, you’ll find a warm welcome everywhere you go. Enjoy national music, colorful costumes and hearty food!

Why Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan has always attracted the interest of vacationers, but today the country is especially loved by tourists. Why does Kyrgyzstan attract tourists from all over the world? There are several reasons:

  • pristine nature. Landscapes of the Asian country can safely put on the most beautiful postcards and calendars. There is a great risk of confusing these amazing views with the legendary Alpine landscapes – so beautiful here. Deep lakes with clear water, bubbling canyons, high mountains – it’s impossible to see!
  • No impediments to entry. Don’t you believe that Kyrgyz people are very hospitable people? Well, here is the proof. Citizens of many countries of the world have easy rules for getting Kyrgyz visa, and the citizens of Russia can enter Kyrgyzstan with both foreign and Russian passports!
  • adventures. Would you like to live in a yurt? Go horseback riding? Explore the ancient secrets? And all this in a week? Yes, in this Asian country is possible and more!

When do we go?

If you are going to Kyrgyzstan, there is good news – the country is beautiful at any time of the year. So no matter what month your vacation or long-awaited weekend falls on, Minzifa Travel will be happy to find the right tour.

Fall in Kyrgyzstan

At this time of year, Kyrgyzstan is especially attractive for romantics. Overcast and windy weather will not be an obstacle for walks: the air smells fresh, and tourists have the opportunity to see Kyrgyzstan from a different angle.

As soon as the rain stops, you can go horseback riding or try your hand at rafting. And museums and mosques look even more attractive this time of year, as all the paths are strewn with golden leaves.

Summer in Kyrgyzstan

Unlike most Central Asian countries, Kyrgyzstan boasts warm rather than scaldingly hot summers. When going on vacation, pack sunscreen and hats in your suitcase, just in case.

And yet in Kyrgyzstan it is quite comfortable to walk around the city and in the afternoon. At this time of year the country hosts music festivals, tour operators offer to go to the mountains, and hiking can last until dawn. This is when you can not hide from the sun, and enjoy it to the fullest!

Winter in Kyrgyzstan

In mid-November, the winter season begins, which, according to the classic, lasts until March. Here you can go snowboarding and alpine skiing and warm up in a bathhouse. But since the weather in winter in Kyrgyzstan is unpredictable, in addition to plans for outdoor activities, you need to stock up on other ideas. A nice bonus will be the discounts that are available in most hotels due to the smaller influx of tourists. Therefore, cozy and quiet evenings are guaranteed!

Spring in Kyrgyzstan

In the second half of March, Kyrgyzstan begins the rainy season, but this fact should not discourage tourists. There is a lot of greenery in Kyrgyzstan, which looks even brighter after the rain and adds color to the streets. And this is the time when you can admire the blooming fields: a great opportunity to take some atmospheric shots.

No matter how many days you are willing to spend traveling in Kyrgyzstan, we are happy to make it unforgettable. With Minzifa Travel you will never forget this adventure! Contact us with any questions on WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail See you in Kyrgyzstan!

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