Traveling to Osh, Kyrgyzstan

travel to Osh

Osh is the most interesting (in terms of the number of attractions) city for tourists. History of 3000 years, caravans of the Silk Road, blossoms of empires, Orthodox pilgrims and the emergence of the Muslim East – we invite you to an amazing trip with Minzifa Travel!

What to see in the city?

Osh is the spirit of ancient Central Asia, where Oriental coloring, nomadic culture and civilization of sedentary peoples harmoniously coexist. We recommend that you start your acquaintance with the city by visiting such places of interest as:

  • Sulaiman-Too is a mountain that gives the Kyrgyz city its historical significance. Osh is located around a mountain named after King Solomon. Legend has it that it was on this mountain that the prophet prayed. At the peak of the mountain there is a mosque Tahty-Suleiman: it owes its construction to the founder of the Mongolian empire, Babur. At the foot of the mountain one can find mausoleums, a medieval bathhouse, and a museum built during the Soviet era. Osh is a UNESCO World Heritage Site;
  • local market. What Asian city can do without an authentic market? Osh is no exception. At the “Zhaima” bazaar you can not only buy food, but also talk to the locals. The market has everything that a tourist might need – silk carpets, souvenirs, fruits and vegetables, national clothing. And at the most reasonable prices;
  • Dinopark. Contrary to popular belief, this place will interest not only children, but also adults. And there are several reasons for that. The park is located in a picturesque and very “green” place, where there are cozy cafes. Nearby is a swimming pool, so there is something for everyone. And similar theme parks are not in every city, so once look at the dinosaurs is definitely worth it;
  • Saimaluu-Tash is both a souvenir store and an art gallery. Inside the building resembles an ethnic museum: you can first look at the handmade exhibits, and then buy souvenirs you like;
  • Asaf ibn Burkhia mausoleum – one of the main Muslim shrines of the country. The portal is decorated with geometric patterns: a striking confirmation that Islam has been widespread on the territory of Osh for a very long time. The interior of the temple is almost unadorned, which contrasts favorably with the exterior decoration of the building;
  • Church of the Archangel Michael – the only Orthodox church in the city. The church was created in the 19th century after the fall of the Kokand khanate. During the Soviet years the church was turned into a house of culture, and only after independence did the Kyrgyz authorities return the church to its former status.

Weather in Osh

Osh has an arid continental climate. In January, the thermometer drops to -2 ° C, and in July rises to +26 ° C. August is the sunniest month, April is the rainiest. In autumn, the city is warm and dry and it rarely rains.

When is the best time to go to Osh?

It all depends on the purpose of the trip. Is your vacation in summer? In the city at this time of year it is very hot, but in the mountains – nice and cool. Mountain hiking can also be done in May or September.

For skiing, come in November or in the middle of winter. And if you want to stay in a yurt of locals in the pasture, give preference to the summer months. To avoid the tourist season, choose April or October: it’s not yet hot or cold, and almost all kinds of activities are available.

Osh is an unconventional and unpretentious tourist destination. There are many amazing places in the city for beautiful photos and getting bright emotions. For questions about booking tours, please contact Minzifa Travel at, WhatsApp. See you in Osh!

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