Travels in Son-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan

Travel to Son-Kul

Eco-tourism is a relatively new and yet unappreciated destination. If you want to become pioneers, go with Minzifa Travel to the shores of Lake Son-Kul. The lake is spread out in Naryn Oblast: the largest freshwater body of water in the country.

Like other natural attractions in Kyrgyzstan, the lake is shrouded in legends. It is said that on the site of Son-Kul there used to be a khan’s castle. The ruler had a large harem and was very fond of young girls. Periodically, the khan sent messengers to find him a beautiful girl to add to his collection, and if a girl aroused the messenger’s interest, she could not escape. The young ladies suffered, cried and begged for mercy, but nothing helped. Then they decided to ask for help from the mountains, and they heard their heartfelt pleas. Suddenly, Khan’s castle fell into a ravine, and water poured down from above. The icy water poured down for days and nights, turning into a glacier, mourning the unhappy lot of the beauties. After a few days, the bad weather ceased, and a lake with scalding cold and clear water, which was nicknamed Son-Kul, was formed on the site of the gorge.

What to see near Son-Kul?

Son-Kul is already a full-fledged tourist attraction. Therefore, if you want, you can not look for anything else – it’s enough just to admire the beauty of the lake. But if this is not enough, it is definitely worth seeing:

  • meadows, which are used as pastures for animals. On the shores of the lake there are yurts, with which the locals create mobile villages, so characteristic of the nomadic people. The Kyrgyz are sure to treat you to delicious koumiss and tell you about the peculiarities of their national culture;
  • Adjacent areas, which are recognized as a protected area. There are rare species of animals and waterfowl and grow flowers, which are listed in the Red Book;
  • Tien Shan. From the shores of Son-Kul you can see ridges and pointed peaks. There are no trees here – very high. And yet, in addition to the tough grass, tourists are waiting for another treasure – edelweiss;
  • A 19th century mausoleum dedicated to Taylak Batyr. This is the only structure made of stone, located in the valley on the north bank. In this part of the territory you can stay for a while and live as nomads, to get a break from the noise of the city and civilization.

Weather in Son-Kul: when is the best time to go?

The climate in the area of Lake Son-Kul is arid, sharply continental. The lake is located high in the mountains, so from September to May it is covered with a meter layer of ice. In winter, the temperature drops to -30 ° C: a magnificent spectacle with a majestic panorama. But because of the avalanche danger most of the mountain passes are blocked.

Tourists can indulge their souls with picturesque views in summer. There are no bushes and trees, but there are flowers and herbs that will give inspiration to even the most talented artists. Emerald meadows at this time of year are covered with rhododendrons, tulips, snowdrops and edelweiss, so you get a very colorful pictures. In summer, all the roads to the lake are open, so you will not have any problems with the passage.

Spring and autumn in the region of Son-Kul are seasons of dubious: it all depends on the current weather. If you can, you should plan your trip either for the end of May or the beginning of September. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting caught in bad weather.

Son-Kul is the pearl of Kyrgyzstan and the center of tourist attraction. You can plan exactly what to do at the lake upon arrival: it is enough to look at the natural landmark once to make all questions disappear. To book tours, contact Minzifa Travel on WhatsApp, e-mail See you at Son-Kul!

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