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Travel in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is the heart of Central Asia and one of the most closed countries in the whole world. Caravanserais and mosques, palaces and horses, pilaf and carpets – after traveling with Minzifa Travel you will have much more associations with the amazing Asian country!

Turkmenistan is often called the lost treasure, and not without reason. Each year, the country is visited by no more than 6000 tourists, so it is one of the most mysterious and exotic destinations. The remoteness from the world and endless steppes, golden statue of the president and honey melons, unshakable cult of personality and fragrant tea – Turkmenistan never ceases to amaze!

History of Turkmenistan

People have lived on the territory of Turkmenistan since Neolithic times, but the official historical record of the country begins in the seventh century. Before our era, the country belonged to Persia, was part of the kingdom of Parthia, fell under the dominion of the Arab Caliphate.

In the Middle Ages Turkmenistan was culturally enriched, mosques and mausoleums appeared, ceramics and jewelry craftsmanship developed, writers and poets made great contributions. The following centuries turned out to be difficult for Turkmens: first, the nation fell into the hands of Mongol-Tatars, and then internecine strife with neighboring states began. Full freedom for Turkmens started only in 1991 after the USSR collapse and establishment of the independent state.

What to see in Turkmenistan?

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Turkmenistan followed its own path, which made it so authentic. If one day you happen to visit this mysterious Asian state, be sure to check it out:

  • the Karakum Desert. The largest desert is a symbol of drought and sands. It occupies most of the territory of Turkmenistan. An important feature is the harsh climate and sharp temperature fluctuations – up to 90 degrees in the interseasonal period. At the same time the seventh part of the Turkmen people managed to adapt to the harsh conditions and subdue (or submit to) the great sands;
  • Ruhiyet Palace is located in the capital city of Ashgabat. The building was built at the end of the last century, but it looks like a real historical landmark. It is here that forums and exhibitions, concerts and meetings are held;
  • Ertrogrulgazy Mosque. The largest and most beautiful mosque in the capital, made in the Ottoman style. Marble road, fountains in the form of stars, luxurious paintings – the mosque will not leave anyone indifferent;
  • Darvaza – a gas crater. Locals call the landmark the gates of hell because of its truly terrifying appearance. The crater was formed as a result of geological works. Over time, gas began to come out of the cavity in the Earth’s crust, and it was set on fire so that no one would be poisoned. But for more than half a century, the gas is still blazing, and the crater has been recognized as a natural phenomenon.

Weather in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is the hottest country in all of Central Asia. During the summer months, the air temperature reaches 50 ° C in large cities. Constant northerly winds bring sandstorms and heat in summer and cold air in winter. In winter months the thermometer rarely falls below -5 ° C, so there is almost no severe frosts in Turkmenistan. Autumn and spring are the most comfortable seasons, rains are rare, and temperatures are stable.

When is the best time to go to Turkmenistan?

Turkmenistan is a secular state, so there are no bans on the appearance of tourists. But in the Asian country there are many sacred places, so you should not wear too tight and open clothing – may not be allowed:

  • Spring is the most comfortable season in terms of weather for travel. The average air temperature is 15-22 ° C. During this time, the country is full of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and the countryside is even greener and juicier. In spring, the best time to go hiking or to the mountains;
  • Summer – July and August are extremely hot, but that’s not a reason not to go. In the city to
  • stay longer than a day or two is not worth it – it’s stuffy, you can get burnt. But beaches of Caspian Sea and mountain resorts in summer time are perfect for long and safe vacation;
  • The autumn in Turkmenistan is perfect for traveling. The country is beautiful from every angle at this time of the year. Abundance of fruits and berries, plenty of golden leaves and warmth: the weather lasts until mid-November;
  • winter in Turkmenistan is frequent rains and snowfalls, so it is important not to forget raincoats and warm down jackets. Going to the mountains or walking around the city, visiting a museum or a cozy cafe – you will not be bored no matter what the weather surprises.

There is no need to look for reasons to visit Turkmenistan. The desire to get closer to unraveling the amazing mysteries of the country is enough! And we remind you that Minzifa Travel is always in touch (WhatsApp, e-mail, which means that the adventure begins!

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