Turkmenistan Kazakhstan Combined Tours

Visit two of the most fascination and literally opposite in nature countries of Central Asia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan in this combined tour package. Both the countries were part of the Silk Road route and you’ll be taken to the cities with rich historical significance along with other touristy ones.

Uzbekistan is sandwiched in between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, thus the two countries do not share their borders with the exception being the north western part of Turkmenistan where it touches the territory of Kazakhstan for roughly 379 km.The Temir Baba Highway running from Karakiya district of Turkmenistan will lead you to Kazakhstan.


A relatively difficult country to reach mainly because of strict visa regulations, our dual country tour will start from Turkmenistan. Over 80% is covered by the Karakum Desert and the rest is mainly mountainous. These features seemingly isolate it from the rest of Central Asia. Visited by very less number of tourists, there are nevertheless some interesting places to visit.


The capital and largest city of Turkmenistan, the city is famous for its peculiar modern structures and high number or white marble-clad buildings.


Historically a popular stop along the Silk Road route, it is a modern Soviet-style designed city with many monuments and museums.


With beaches along the gulf of Caspian Sea, it is the only port and sea like to the western world. It is a transportation hub of the country and popular beach destination.

Konye Urgench

One of the historically and culturally rich cities of Central Asia, Kenya Urgech was part of the Silk Road route major caravanserai destinations.


Merv was an oasis city that developed along the Silk Road route and was a site of major strategic value. The ruins of the ancient city are now a major excavation center.


The world’s largest landlocked country and ninth largest by area, Kazakhstan formed the main section of now -dissolved Soviet Union and was the last of the Soviet states to declare independence. Since the Paleolithic period, the territories of Kazakhstan have been inhabited. With dramatic mountain, lake, and desert area spread throughout the country, Kazakhstan stands as one of the best countries to travel to. The main cities of Kazakhstan covered in this combined tour are:


It is one of the most modern cities of Central Asia with improved infrastructure and lifestyle. Since 1997, the city has served as the capital.


One of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan that was historically along the Silk Road route, Taraz has many ancient monuments dating thousands of years back.


The former capital and the biggest city of Kazakhstan, its location on the foothills of Trans-lliAlatau makes it scenically beautiful amidst busy metropolitan environment.


Near to Almaty, the Shymbulak is a major ski resort that is located in the upper part of the Medeu Valley overlooking Almaty.


An administrative and industrial center, it lies on the foothills of Rudny Altay Mountain. The churches and mosques of the city are a must-visit.

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