Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Combined Tours

Take a tour to the neighbouring countries of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in this combined tour package and visit the ancient marvels that were once part of the Great Silk Road route. Blessed with mountain ranges, desert land, and water bodies like river and lakes, both the countries offer something unique to tourists.

The countries share more than 1,000 kilometre of border with each other and there are a number of border crossing points to go from one country to the other. Therefore, you can take one of the highways leading up to this crossing point. Alternatively, you have the option of taking flights as both the countries have international airports in major cities.


Perhaps the most peculiar of all the “Stans” present in Central Asia, Turkmenistan is truly an unparallel country unlike anything else, yet far less visited as compared to other neighbouring countries. Part of that is because strict visa requirements. But the ones who make it get to see its marvels which are otherwise unheard among the tourist fraternity. From complex and thought provoking structures in the capital city to ruins of the ancient cities, you’ll come across a lot of never-before -seen sightings. Below are some of the cities covered in this combined tour package:


Called by locals as “Door to Hell,” it is a continuously burning natural gas pit which was set on fire way back in 1971.


The Guinness World Record holder capital city of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat is a place of many perplexing structures constructed on the order of its president for life, SaparmuratNiyazov.

Konye Urgench

The frontier town of Kunya(Konye)-Urgench was the accommodating place for some of the great Islamic thinkers of that time including ibn-Sino, and Beruni, and at one point in time was hailed as the “The Heart of Islam.”


A place of rich historical and cultural importance, it was one of the most advanced regions on earth which was part of ancient Persia.


Located in the unmarked valley of the Kopet Dag Mountains, it is an excellent hiking and trekking destination in Turkmenistan.


Located in the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan for over millennia has been at the crossroad of cultures. With a rich cultural heritage and splendid ancient monuments, Uzbekistan welcomes tourists of all ages with their own preferences and likings. Here are the Uzbek cities covered in this tour package:


The capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is a modern Central Asian city with metros, recreational centers, and parks along with museums and architectural monuments.


With over 140 architectural monuments, the ruins and constructs of the region are guaranteed to take you back in time.


A melting pot of cultures and tradition, Samarkand has always been an important city along the historic Silk Road route.


Another place of rich historical significance, it is famous for the open air museum and the ancient Itchan-Kala fortress.


The modern part of the KonyeUrgench which is located in Turkmenistan, it is a small Soviet-style town perfect for one day excursion.

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