Turkmenistan Silk Road Tours

Today Turkmenistan stands with great confidence as an international tourism hub where modern infrastructures and its efficient architectural buildings made the world visit this beautiful land.

From the ancient time Turkmen nation was well known for its traditions of hospitality, which obtain new bright sides of truism and Turkmenistan On the Silk Road is a new innovation to the tourism industry.

Highlights Of Turkmenistan Silk Road Trip

When you are on a Turkmenistan Silk Road trip have a stay in the ancient Silk Road city of Mervn is must.This archaeological wonderland actually consists of 4 cities built during different periods of time, a testimony to the oasis’ says major time was ruled by Alexander.

Go for a day trip from Merv to the archaeological site at Margush, a palace, involved fire temple and local museums contain numerous artifacts of gold and semi-precious stones. Witness the Bronze Age civilization who lived here 3500 years ago.

Turkmenistan On the Silk Road involves a visit to the capital city, Ashgabat. Lush parks and hundreds of fountains create a pleasant microclimate that shields the city from the desert warminzifatravel.comh. All apartments and are platted with white marble, giving the city a unified beauty. The countrywide Museum houses many culturally extensive antiquities, and the Turkmen Carpet Museum consists of many satisfactory examples of worldwide-renowned Turkmen carpet making competencies, which includes one that covers a large 294 rectangular meters.

inside the west near the Uzbekistan border, lies any other forestall alongside the Silk road, Kunya-Urgench, a spot of the massive state ancient and Cultural Museum-hold. The well-known Kulug-Timur Minaret is concept to be the tallest in central Asia, towering almost two hundred feet.

While on the trip never forget to explore the silk road attraction and Asia’s most outstanding constructions TurabegKhanym Mausoleum, a perfectly preserved interior tile work.

The trip includes unlimited adventure and fun to it with natural wonders, the Caspian Sea.For water sports enthusiasts it provides recreational facilities and adventure

Turkmenistan On the Silk Road allows you to experience the vast plains, great deserts and wilderness landscape. Live with nomadic tribes and marauding warriors and closely experiences the culture where civilisation began.

Turkmenistan Visa

Getting Turkmenistan tourist visa is now so easy by just a booking a tour.

Getting a transit visa for the silk road in must.

A transit visa allows for a visit of up to 7 days

Turkmenistan government is little strict about the date-specific, it has fixed start and expiry dates. You cannot enter Turkmenistan before the start date or leave after the expiry date, but you can enter after the start date and leave before the expiry date.

Turkmenistan Visa On Arrival

It is easy to get a Turkmenistan tourist visa on arrival in the airport of Ashgabat, as well as on the land borders. You just do not forget to bring the letter of invitation from the tourist agency. The Turkmenistan visa on arrival is valid for 10 days which can be extended based on the duration of your staying.

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