Uzbekistan Silk Road Tours

Travelling to Central Asia can never be a successful journey without covering Uzbekistan On the Silk Road. Follow in the foot step of the traders, explorers and tyrants, starting from the great Alexander to Genghis Khan. No other road can give you a thrill of its evocative mystery, as the legendary Silk Road. The most vitalancient trading network between China and Europe which connected both the continents, peoples and their cultures.

The Silk Road In Uzbekistan

If you want to explore the unfold truth of the ancient trading and Mistry of Silk Road you must choose the Uzbekistan Silk Road. Now this rout become the most tourist attraction which altering the Silk Route map, as well as introducing different cultures all together along the way.


Start your Silk Road journey with Samarkand, a region that invites its tourist with it ancient history and modern architecture. Today’s in ancient time Samarkand was called Marakandathe Greeks when they conquered the town in 329 BC. Already at that time it become so majestic that it surprised even Alexander the great. it is believed that he exclaimed “the whole thing that i’ve heard about Marakanda is proper, except that it’s far extra stunning than I ever imagined…” for other centuries Samarkand has changed their perception with its significance and endured to amaze Silk road travellers and vacationers with its unique characteristics.

Samarkand was well-known for its peaches and paper crafted from a mulberry tree. In your journey to the silks road you choose to go to the workshops which make paper on this conventional manner. In the 14th century, Samarkand turned into be conquered the most powerful king Temurlan, who transform the old city to a new uniqueland throughout his empire. nowadays its turquoise domes remind us of the superb generation of the Silk road as they delivery us the culture of ancient time.


In the time of the Golden Age of Islam, Bukhara was one of the significant educational and spiritual centres. While you chose to explore the compact city walking you would love to explore the city center, marketplace, mosques, and madrassas. The tomb of Ismaili Somoni, is the most important and oldest architectural monuments in Central Asia. Architecturally Uzbekistan holds the best-preserved cities with the majority of buildings dating from the 10th century onwards.


The old town of Khiva is like an open-air Silk road museum. In the back of its big wall a small city referred to as Ichan-Kala is passionate. walking the ancient streets of Ichan-Kala, climbing the awesome dust walls, visiting its palace, mausoleum, and mosques and enjoying refreshments in its teahouses are all vital things on this atmospheric place. Khiva turned into a vital exchange hub of the Silk road, its bringing the glorious and outstanding stories together.

Few Tips To Be Conceder Before Travel To Uzbekistan

Drink plenty of water as the heat can dehydrate your body quickly and can the heat can unbearable because of its geography.

Upon arrival, you are required to get a lot of cash in your wallet as the travelling by road cannot be always be available with online payment options

Uzbekistan is a cash economy and as a consequence you need to deal in cash on the neighbourhood markets most of the time. it’s miles advisable to preserve some cash alongside.

taking pictures is prohibited in some locations. it might be wise to consult your excursion manual earlier than snapping any picture.

Visa on arrival and transit visa you require when you are up for the trip.

when you want to go on a trip to Uzbekistan On the Silk Road, take help of a professional travel enterprise like company name which have quite a few experience in organizing a hit tours of Uzbekistan and nearby areas.

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