Urgut Tour


Located in the vicinity of one of the important tourist spot in Uzbekistan, the Samarkand region, the small town of Urgut is home to rich Middle East oriental all located in foothills of Zarafshan mountain range at an elevation of 1,000 meters above sea level.

Here Are The Top Sightseeing Locations In City Of Urgut :


This ancient garden is one of the most interesting and significant places in Urgut teeming with very old plane trees that are fed by waters coming from a holy spring. These trees are approximately 800 to 1,800 years old and some measure up to 10 meters in circumference. The tranquility of this place serves as an excellent atmosphere to relax or spend some quality time.

ShaytanJiga (Devil’s Helmet)

This place is correlated to the devil worshippers who old people say were the sacrificing ground of pagans and witches. The artistic rock carving found here resemblesthe head of earthly animals like bear, tiger, frog, lizard, and birds. There’s also a head of a giant which invokes the images of Easter Island.

Monastries of ČārČenār and PirḠawṯ-e Aʿẓam

The two notable shrines located in Urgut are also remarkable to visit. The former is devoted to Khoja Abu ṬālebSarmast who was a Samanid missionary while the latter is dedicated to Abd-al-QāderJilāni, the creator of Qāderi Sufi order.

Here Are The Highlights Of Urgut Tour:

  • City trip to small town of Urgut, located 40-50 Km southeast of Samarkand.
  • Located at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, it offers some of the most breathtaking scenic landscape experience.
  • In this tour visit the largest traditional handcrafts market in the Samarkand region where you can find handmade items and souvenirs.
  • Visit to all the sightseeing spots in Urgut like ChorChinor garden ShaytanJiga, and largest the oriental bazaar site in Samarkand region.

Urgut notwithstanding is a remote place travelled by very few tourists. This gives you ample opportunity to explore the entire town on your own which will give you a sense of real rural Uzbekistan.

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