Uzbekistan Astronomical Tour

Uzbekistan is a doubly interlocked country located in Central Asia with a rich ancient background dating 2,000 years back. In this gigantic time frame, numerous developments both in the field of architecture and science were made. Rulers of various dynasties created monuments to honor their great leaders and saints which we now know as madrasahs, mausoleums, and mosques. Within that time frame, various prominent astronomers came out from Uzbekistan whose works are still regarded high to this day. Ulugh Beg, the grandson of Amir Timur, was one such personality who was an amazing astronomer, mathematician, and sultan. He is behind the creation of Ulugh Beg Observatory which is one of the finest observatories in the Islamic world.

Here Are The Main Astronomical Point Of Interest In Uzbekistan:

Institute of Material Science, Physics-Sun. Institute of Material Science located in capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is a major scientific research center primarily involved in physical and mathematical science. The 40-meters solar laser which is an ensemble of 62 different large mirrors which can be individually controlled to collect the radiant solar energy. When all of these solar rays are concaved to a single place, the temperature rises upward of 3000 °C which renders possible various scientific experiments.

Suffa RT-70 radio telescope. It is an RT-70 radio telescope that’s under construction and partially operating in Suffa plateau at an altitude of 2,500 meters. It is specifically intended to capture the waves operating at short millimeters.Similar telescopes have already been established in Crimea and Russia, and the same is undergoing in Uzbekistan. A trip to this place will give you a glimpse of the rapid scientific development in astronomy field in Uzbekistan.

Ulugh Beg Observatory. It is perhaps the best example of ancient observatories in the world. Built in around 1420s by renowned Islamic astronomer Ulugh Beg, it became an important place for astronomical studies where the likes of Al-Kashi and Ali Qushji, both of whom were renowned astronomer, worked.

Tashkent Planetarium. It is a relatively newer construction dedicated to astronomy and located in the capital city of Tashkent. It provides the opportunity to see the cosmos and outer space. Interesting facts about Solar system is shown in one hall, while artifacts created about specific planets and Earth are shown in another. In short period of time, it has become one of the top tourist attractions in Tashkent.

Memorial Museum of MirzoUlugbek. Situated near the Ulugh Beg observatory, all of Ulugh Beg’s heritages are exhibited in this museum. Along with the exhibits, there are many books, articles, photographs, and important manuscripts. Both the interiors and the exteriors are gorgeously decorated.

Astronomy is definitely one such field which has fascinated mankind for ages. The Uzbekistan astronomical tour fails to disappoint tourists with its observatories and museums that offer profound knowledge about our solar system and beyond which at the end of day will give you a better perspective about the world we live in. Kindly visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us regarding astronomical or other Uzbekistan tour packages.

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