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Cultural and archaeological sites are a specialty of Uzbekistan who has a history dating 2,000 years back. The influence of numerous dynasties that conquered Uzbekistan from time to time is not only evident in culture and artifacts, but on its cuisine as well. Our Uzbekistan food tour will take you through some of the traditional and contemporary dishes of Uzbekistan and its preparation etiquette that’ll surely keep you drooling.

Uzbek Cuisine

As Uzbekistan is a Muslim dominated country, much of its cuisine is influenced by oriental Middle East, especially Turkic, Uygur, Tatar, and even Chinese. The later Soviet era also had a profound effect on the cuisine.

Here Are The Main Signature Dishes Of Uzbekistan:

Plov (pilaf)

Plov is probably the best food Uzbekistan has on offer for tourists. This aromatic dish, in its most basic version, is simply rice mixed with cooked mutton, lamb, or beef topped with onions and carrots all slowly cooked in layers. Seasoned chefs and Uzbek moms have come up with their own version of this where more ingredients like horse meat sausages, fruits like quince, and eggs are present in the Plov making it even more appealing both to the eye and mouth.

Tandir Kabob

It is a traditional dish invented by the nomadic community of Central Asia. It is a tasty and nourishing meal, and at the same time easy to prepare with the prerequisite being only mutton and fire — which the nomads had in abundance. Nowadays, this dish not only varies in taste and ingredients but also in the appliances in which it is cooked. Tandir kabob made in Clay oven is significantly different from when it is prepared in Tandirs.


It is a dumpling dish made of a dough wrapper filled with spiced meat mixture. Then they are either boiled or steamed in a multi-level metal steamer. Manti is said to have been originated in Central Asia which is now widely consumed throughout Russia, post-Soviet Countries, China and even Japan who have their own version of this dish.

Lag’mon (Laghman)

It is a standout Central Asia dish in that it has noodles as its main ingredient as opposed to bread or rice or lamb. It is debated that it has rich Chinese influence where it is the staple diet. This has no fixed recipe and hence it’s varied throughout Uzbekistan and Central Asia. But it usually consists of noodles cooked with beef, chicken, peas, beans, bell pepper, bokchoy and topped with meat or vegetable sauce.


Yakhnipulao or simply Yahkni is a dish that’s very popular in Central and South Asia. It is simply rice boiled in beef or lamb stock and seldom garnished with boiled vegetables or no vegetables at all. It is the main Friday Night dish served in must Uzbek homes.

Shurbo Dushpera

It is a dumpling soup prepared by boiling vegetables and meat and bringing it to a soupy form usually served along with flatbreads.

Besides That, There Are A Lot More Dishes That Are Either Used As Starters, Snacks Or Desserts. Some Of These Are:

Obi Non

It is the staple bread of Uzbek cuisine typically baked in clay ovens.

Oshi Toki

It is a Bukharian cuisine borrowed from Dolma where grape or cabbage leaves are wrapped around vegetable filing.


It is a mutton or goat sausage native to Uzbekistan.

Kovurilgan Balik

Uzbek style fried fish.

Buglama Kovoq

It is a sweet steam pumpkin recipe served as dessert after a meal.

It’s hard to ignore a culinary tour in a country that has got so much mouth-watering and scrumptious dishes on offer. You can undoubtedly widen your food knowledge base with some of the best Central Asian dishes. Kindly visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us.

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