Visa to Uzbekistan. What are the requirements for tourists in Uzbekistan?

Visa for Uzbekistan

Visa is a short word that often discourages tourists from visiting certain countries. Long lines, state fees, refusals for biased reasons – not every citizen is ready to make such sacrifices. But if you are going to Uzbekistan, there will be no difficulties.

Who does not need a visa?

Uzbekistan is a hospitable country, so a number of states have introduced a “no visa” regime. Citizens:

  • Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Belarus and Armenia can reside in Uzbekistan for 60 days;
  • Republic of Korea and Israel, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, Singapore, Antigua and Barbuda, Mexico, Nicaragua, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Guatemala, Panama, Bahamas, Belize, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Cuba, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, Australia, Germany, Luxembourg, San Marino, Switzerland, Austria, Hellenic Republic, Serbia, Sweden, Andorra, Denmark, Malta, Estonia, Argentina, Monaco, Slovakia, Belgium, Mongolia, Slovenia, UAE, Bulgaria, Ireland, Netherlands, Tajikistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, New Zealand, Brazil, Spain, Norway, Finland, Brunei Darussalam, Italy, Poland, France, Vatican City, Canada, Portugal, Croatia, United Kingdom, Latvia, Republic of Cyprus, Montenegro, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Lithuania, Republic of Korea, Czech Republic, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Romania, Chile – 30 days.

What documents do I need?

In the case of visa-free status, citizens of the above countries when crossing the border must provide:

  • a foreign passport with a validity of 3 months or more from the date of crossing the border of the country;
  • a mark in the passport of one or both parents – for children under 14 years of age;
  • notarized permission from parents to enter Uzbekistan – for minor citizens.

Do I have to take the Covid test?

From 16.03.2022 for tourists was simplified entry to Uzbekistan. Unvaccinated provide the result of the test (made no later than 72 hours before departure).
Upon arrival in the country citizens of other countries must register within three days. Tourists staying in the hotel are registered on the spot, and the rest – in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Who needs a visa?

For a long stay in Uzbekistan and in some individual cases, foreign nationals will need a visa. For its registration you will need documents:

  • A passport with a validity period of 3 months and with 2 blank pages for a visa stamp;
  • filled-in visa application form with a citizen’s personal signature;
  • Receipt for consular fees: payable at a bank or post office. Depending on the duration and type of visa – from $40 to $250;
  • copy of visa application from an individual or inviting organization. If the visa is working, there must be a letter of guarantee from the employer or a valid work contract. If tourist visa, invitation from travel agency or hotel (licensed to receive foreign nationals);
  • 2 photos (as for passport).

When applying for a visa to Uzbekistan it is recommended to get medical insurance as well. It will protect against financial losses and the need to find a clinic on your own in an unforeseen case.

Reasons for refusal

Visa issuance decision is made within 7 working days. Visa to Uzbekistan can be refused only for serious and objective reasons. If a citizen:

  • Is in black list due to violation of migration regime during past trips;
  • provided false documents or unreliable information;
  • has publicly spoken out against citizens of Uzbekistan;
  • has an unexpunged criminal record.

Travelling to Uzbekistan is not associated with serious obstacles: a minimum package of documents and compliance with customs and migration rules is sufficient.

If you need a visa to enter the country, we will be happy to help you arrange it. Contact us on +998936591107 WhatsApp, Telegram or e-mail You send us all the necessary documents, and we will do our best to have the visa ready as soon as possible. All you have to do is print out the document and put it in your passport. Mysterious Uzbekistan will become even closer with Minzifa Travel!

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