Yoga tours in Uzbekistan – places of power of the East

Yoga tour Uzbekistan

The number of fans of yoga is growing every year, and it’s not surprising at all. Yoga not only strengthens muscles and helps to tone the body, but it is also one of the most effective meditative practices.

There are also many reasons why people avoid yoga. Some are convinced that it’s just a tribute to fashion and there’s no special effect to expect. Some people are afraid that they can’t do it, because “yoga is for yogis”. And the third ones are too lazy to do any physical activities, under the category of which yoga falls. With Minzifa Travel you can once and for all forget about any “ifs”: we invite you to an exciting yoga-trip to the most “strong” places in Uzbekistan!

 During the yoga tour you will have time to:

  • Learn Oriental healing and wellness methods and the basics of breathing and meditative practices;
  • to return harmony and balance, to increase stamina and vitality, to get rid of stress and refresh the body;
  • to visit fabulous cities “on the traces of the Great Silk Road”;
  • make colorful videos and photos of the most amazing and ancient places of Uzbekistan;
  • to breathe fresh air and walk in ecologically clean places;
  • spend time in the circle of like-minded people in the places of power of Uzbekistan.
  • Uzbekistan is an amazing country, where every city and gorge keeps a special mystery. But the most popular places of power are recognized:
  • Chimgan mountains, the western part of the Tien Shan, the resort of Charvark;
  • Nurata Mountains and the authentic mountain village of Hayat;
  • the diamonds of the Great Silk Road – mysterious Samarkand, majestic Bukhara, fabulous Tashkent.

Uzbekistan’s Power Places

Uzbekistan’s Power Places are a great opportunity to enjoy the scenic mountains and peaceful atmosphere, walk along beautiful paths and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Clean air and majestic mountain landscapes dispose of the practice of meditation and yoga alone or in the company of like-minded people.

The exact program depends on the specifics of the yoga tour, but most travel yoga complexes from Minzifa Travel include:

  • lectures on current topics to combat fears and anxiety and help you deal with difficult psychological issues;
  • Entry-level track sessions;
  • Breathing practices and pranayamas;
  • meditations and hatha yoga.

To take part in the yoga tour from Minzifa Travel you do not have to be a professional yogi. Anyone can join the tour with a single goal – to spend time with benefits for body and soul.

The main purpose of yoga tours is clear from the name – it is yoga classes and restoration of balance. However, do not forget about the hospitality of Uzbekistan: this country will never let travelers go for nothing.

In their free time, tourists will enjoy the beauty of the main tourist attractions, stroll through the colorful and colorful bazaars, and taste the best Uzbek dishes. Unique customs combined with yoga practices will forever keep in memory the amazing oriental culture.

Yoga tours in Uzbekistan will allow you to combine business with pleasure – a cultural program and a specialized regimen for those who want to take care of their bodies. Calm your mind, normalize your emotions and fill your body with energy.

To book tours, please contact us on WhatsApp, e-mail We will be happy to find a tour that suits you in terms of dates and intensity. We invite you to a harmonious and meaningful journey in Uzbekistan!

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