Rest in Tashkent: trip to Charvak reservoir and Chimgan mountains

What awaits all tourists coming to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan? A large megalopolis, which skillfully combined on its territory Soviet buildings, beautiful madrassahs and mausoleums, and modern neighborhoods. The city had hard times, in 1966 due to an earthquake, it was almost completely destroyed. But fortunately, it did not turn into a ruin, but has risen and is now ready to surprise tourists with its landscapes and views. Despite the fact that many historically significant buildings are reconstructed buildings, they are still striking in their beauty and grandeur.

It is worth coming to Tashkent to see with your own eyes an amazing combination of religious buildings of different faiths, which impress with their views and contrasts.

No one will remain indifferent to this city, combining centuries-old wisdom and modern technology. But the perimeter of Tashkent itself is not all that it can please the tourist. Amazing things can also be discovered outside the city.

Recreation area in Tashkent in the mountains

After exploring the vastness of the capital of Uzbekistan, you should definitely take time and arrange a holiday in the mountains of Tashkent. And with this you are ready to help our team Minzifa travel. So, what is the recreation area in Tashkent, or rather a few kilometers from it.

At 90 km from the capital is a lake, which occupies an area of 40 square kilometers, fed by the waters of 3 turbulent rivers. This is the Charvak Reservoir, the ascent to which is part of our ancient trip. Charvak is an artificial reservoir surrounded by mountains. The water in the lake has an incredible color, resembling a blue gem. This picturesque place to rest in Tashkent has an amazing energy, helps to abstract from the outside world and enjoy the moment. Petroglyphs – rock paintings of the late Stone Age – are carefully preserved here. Travelling with our team, you will definitely get acquainted with them.

We will also visit the mausoleum of Sheikh Umar Wali Bogustoni, which is visited by pilgrims from all over the country. In addition, the tour program also includes visiting the mountain village of Burchmullo and the Beldersay tract.

And the most exciting thing awaits all travelers in the end – we will be climbing on the chairlift on the mountain, the length of which is 700 meters. Such a vacation in Tashkent, or rather in its vicinity, will leave in your memory a lot of bright flashes, which exactly can not present any other city.

You will not see such nature and landscapes in any other country. The trip to the mountains of Tashkent will take only one day, but it will be a day filled with emotions and impressions.

If you wish, guests of the country can independently assess the ski resort of Uzbekistan Beldersay, where you can engage in winter sports: snowboarding, skiing, sledding and more. The main track stretches as much as 3020 m and is considered the longest in the country, as well as the best in Eurasia. The highest mark reaches 2350 meters. This slope is suitable for experienced skiers, as it has quite difficult segments. But fans of skiing will also find an adventure, because there are freeride sections for almost 2 km.

Along with the exciting pastime you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, have a picnic and just take some impressive pictures. To diversify your leisure time, of course, you can go to local restaurants serving national cuisine.

Prices for holidays in Tashkent 2022 from Minzifa travel

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