10 things you must do in Kyrgyzstan

visiting Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is an ancient state, but still an undiscovered land for tourists. Most often Kyrgyzstan is visited by unsophisticated travelers who are ready to discover more and more points on the map.

No matter how many days you travel to the Asian country, in order to enjoy the beauty of the Kyrgyz Republic, it is definitely worth it:

  • to splash in the waters of Issyk-Kul. The vast lake is often called a mountain sea because of its size. The lake is mountainous, so it’s not too hot even in summer. If you want solitude and romance, rush to the South Bank;
  • To conquer Sulaiman-Too. The sacred mountain is the main symbol of Kyrgyzstan and a UNESCO heritage. It is a vantage point from which you can see all the beauty of Kyrgyzstan, and a popular place for wedding photo shoots;
  • to see Sary-Chelek. There is a dense forest growing around the lake, so the water has a turquoise tint. The age of the lake is 10,000 years, so when you come here, tourists can touch eternity. Because of the undeveloped infrastructure, few travelers come to the lake, but this only adds to its charm;
  • get acquainted with the Burana Tower. The main architectural monument of Kyrgyzstan was built during Karakhanid Khanate: original ornament, burnt brick, gorgeous view of Tien-Shan;
  • visit the Stone Garden. Here tourists can see the stones with rock paintings: images of animals and hunting scenes – IV century BC;
  • breathe the mountain air in Arslanbob. The reserve is famous for its relict walnut forest, which, according to legend, was appreciated by Alexander the Great himself;
  • to wander through the mountain gorges. Ala-Archa, Altyn-Arashan, Dzhety-Oguz – if you have not much time, you should walk at least in one gorge. Waterfalls, rivers, thermal springs are a great place to rest;
  • Go skiing. For this, go to Karakol, a popular ski base: it offers a wonderful view of Issyk-Kul;
  • stroll through the oriental market. The most colorful market in Kyrgyzstan is in Osh – ripe melons, juicy watermelons, fragrant fruits, spices and sweets: the history of the bazaar dates back 2000 years;
  • drink Kyrgyz koumiss. Traditionally, koumiss is drunk from tea-houses: nobody stays indifferent to this drink: one either likes it very much or not at all. But it is definitely worth trying koumiss.

When visiting Kyrgyzstan, travelers will have their eyes scattered: all that Kyrgyzstan has to offer will indeed be fascinating. With tours from Minzifa Travel you will see all the most interesting things. Call or email us at travel@minzifatravel.com, WhatsApp.

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