10 things you must do in Uzbekistan

travel to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country filled with amazing mysteries. Even sages and natives of the Asian state are not able to solve them completely. But a little closer to the truth and feel the atmosphere of the Uzbek Republic every tourist can. But for this he must necessarily:

  • admire the palaces of the Khiva khans. Azure tiles, yellow clay, colorful glaze – look into the madrasah and get into another world from the fairy tale “One Thousand and One Nights”;
  • go hiking. The ideal destination is Chimgan: majestic waterfalls, alpine meadows, hidden trails, rock paintings, mountain lakes;
  • to enjoy the national food. Manti, pilaf, samsa, shashlik, shurpa – in every cafe in Uzbekistan you can find dishes of national cuisine. If you do not want to go into the institution, buy a lepyoshka at the market. According to legend, no one has yet been able to unravel the secret of Uzbek lepyoshkas, so it was decided that it is all about the special air of the country;
  • Learn the secrets of Shahi Zinda. The complex of mausoleums is located in Samarkand: rich colors, intricate ornaments, colored mosaics and marble. This street reminds you of fairy tales of Shakherezade and perfectly conveys the atmosphere of an oriental city;
  • Meet the sunrise at the Charvak reservoir. Go to the opposite shore, rent aivan, cook on the fire, sleep under the open sky and be sure to wait for the first sunrays: at dawn even the mountains are colored pink;
  • find Alexander the Great’s tree. Legend has it that after one of the battles the commander decided to drink water from a holy source. Where the drops fell, coniferous trees grew there. One of them still survives;
  • to take a walk among the Gulkam gulch. Glacial water, fast rivers, centuries-old picturesque waterfalls – if you want beautiful pictures, this is where you are;
  • walk along the bottom of the Aral Sea. Tourists are waiting for a beautiful but sad journey – once it was a real sea, but now only dried up (but no less interesting) coast;
  • touch the philosophy of Buddhism. Go to ancient Termez and study the rock paintings depicting Buddha and mantras;
  • buy a thousand-year-old piece of paper. Be sure to buy Samarkand paper made according to ancient technology from silkwood. Such paper preserves manuscripts for centuries, so you can leave a message for posterity.

When visiting Uzbekistan, tourists will not have time for idleness: there are sights, great mysteries and legends on every corner. With tours from Minzifa Travel you will have time to see all the most interesting things. Write or call us at travel@minzifatravel.com, WhatsApp.

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