A trip to Samarkand – the treasury of the ancient culture of Uzbekistan


The countries of Central Asia have something to surprise tourists. In Uzbekistan, one of the most impressive locations is the city of Samarkand, the same age as ancient Rome. Tourists come here to touch the thousands of years of history, to see with their own eyes the blue mosaics on ancient structures and to take some colorful pictures as a memento.

Our Minzifa travel team offers to buy a trip to Samarkand, during which you will experience medieval architecture, outstanding locations and landmarks. Our guide will be with you to share amazing stories related to historically significant places

Significant places that are included in the Samarkand 2022 trip

A city like Samarkand always has something to surprise even avid travelers:

  1.             The “heart” of the city is Registan Square. It is surrounded by three madrassahs (Muslim seminaries), they look like palaces from an oriental fairy tale. The most surprising thing about them is the details. There are mosaics of half-lions and half-tigers, Arabic inscriptions, rows of lancet niches and much more. The souvenirs for sale are handkerchiefs and panels, which will be a great gift for your loved ones.
  2.             The tomb of Tamerlane Gur-Emir – the greatest conqueror in history who created a great empire. At that time Samarkand was the capital of the empire, it brought masters and architects here. Tamerlane’s descendants ruled in North India, so in the appearance of the Taj Mahal you will find very similar features to Gur-Emir. It was he who served as the prototype for the construction of the mausoleum in Agra.
  3.             Siyab bazaar with real Samarkand treasures. A trip to Samarkand includes a visit to Siab Bazaar where you can buy food, everyday items, souvenirs. It is a colorful Central Asian bazaar where you can taste the famous Uzbek flatbread, pilaf, and oriental sweets.
  4. Ulugbek Observatory is a place for those who want to feel like a medieval astronomer. Tamerlane’s grandson was an astronomer and mathematician. When he ascended the throne, he decided to realize his long-held dream of building an observatory. A large sextant was installed here for scientists to determine the altitude of the celestial bodies. Externally, the building looks as majestic as many other structures, so it is definitely worth your attention.
  5.         Bibi-Khanim Mosque, which was erected by order of Tamerlane under the guidance of his wife. By the 20th century only ruins remained of the mosque, as it began to collapse immediately under its own weight. But it has been restored, so those who have bought a trip to Samarkand can look at the majestic dome, which rises to a height of 13 floors.
  6.             Shahi Zinda Ensemble. This is a whole complex, which has 11 mausoleums of incredible beauty. Here almost at every turn opens a stunning picture, which you want to capture.

Samarkand ancient buildings are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so when you buy a trip to Samarkand, you get an opportunity to touch the outstanding cultural values

Travel to Samarkand: prices at Minzifa travel

You can check the cost of a trip to Samarkand with our manager or look at the page of a particular tour. We don’t include airfare into the price of the tour program, because this way you can determine for yourself the best way to cross the border with Uzbekistan. However you can rely on our help in buying tickets

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