Tours to Uzbekistan – a treasury of architectural monuments

The territory of Uzbekistan has seen many empires, was the center of the Great Silk Road and has preserved many ancient monuments, which stand here for thousands of years. Buy a trip to Uzbekistan – means to discover a new country, which keeps in its vastness so many amazing places. Every tourist is welcomed here with warm Uzbek hospitality, ancient artifacts, delicious food and national culture.

Uzbekistan is part of the former Soviet Union, so here you can feel at home, hear the native Russian language and wonder about the cheapness. Are you ready to experience the flavor of Central Asia? Then book a trip to Uzbekistan 2022 by Minzifa Travel – we’ll make your trip unforgettable.

Why buy a trip to Uzbekistan?

In the 21st century, many countries are open to travelers (if you do not delve into the limitations of the pandemic), including Uzbekistan. If you have never been to Central Asia, or have been, but in other countries, be sure to consider buying a tour to Uzbekistan – the price of the trip will pleasantly surprise you, and the number of impressions can greatly exceed those that you can get in other countries.

There are no crowds of tourists here, so there is every chance to have a measured vacation in which you will see some unique places.

A trip to Uzbekistan 2022 can easily turn into a real adventure, because each Minzifa Travel program is designed so that you can visit as many iconic places as possible.

The tours include:

– trips to ancient cities: Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara, Tashkent and study their surroundings;

– visits to mausoleums and madrassahs;

– shopping in Uzbek markets;

– meals in local restaurants;

– unique excursions;

– not only.

But do not limit yourself to sightseeing programs here, because our country has an amazing nature, which allowed to create conditions for fans of extreme sports. A trip to Uzbekistan can include a visit to the caves or the local ski resort Chimgan, a trip to the desert with an overnight stay in the Yurt Camp, a trip to the Aral Sea.

Our tours are diverse, so people with different travel preferences will find their ideal program. It will be interesting for fans of history and religion, lovers of doing something with their hands (you can buy a trip to Uzbekistan with a visit to the workshop of blacksmiths, potters, other artisans). As well as people who are looking for new unique natural landscapes

How much is a trip to Uzbekistan from Minzifa Travel

We offer a variety of tours to Uzbekistan 2022, which cover different cities and leisure options. There are group, VIP, business tours, family and combined tours. The price of a tour to Uzbekistan will vary, depending on the program you choose. The cost is listed on the page of each tour, for more information on rates can provide our manager. It is enough just to leave a request or call our company directly. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

If among the proposed programs you have not found one that touched the soul, do not despair. We are ready to prepare individual tour to Uzbekistan – in this case, the price will be negotiated individually.

Discover the mysterious world of Central Asia – it will win your heart from the first day!

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