Baikonur spaceport guide

Baikonur spaceport guide

To go into space, it is not necessary to put on a spacesuit and save your entire salary. It’s enough to visit Baikonur at least once, and you can safely tick the “become an astronaut” box. Minzifa Travel will make your space adventure even brighter and more affordable!

The Baikonur Cosmodrome is unequalled anywhere in the world. Firstly, it is the first. Secondly, it is the largest complex from which rockets are launched. And thirdly, there is an indescribable atmosphere, which was once formed by Gagarin himself.

Baikonur is in the south of Kazakhstan, but it is leased to Russia for the next 30 years. Nearby is the city of the same name, which is also not to be missed if you find yourself in the Space Capital of the World.

The spaceport was created in 1957, but for the next 30 years it was actively developing and changing. Workshops where rockets were assembled, launch pads, rocket flight control complexes, fueling stations – there was a lot of modern infrastructure needed. Today the spaceport does not need a lot of changes, but new equipment and machinery comes periodically.

The good news: Baikonur is no longer a secret facility. You can and should come here to learn about space history. Everyone is welcome here, as long as you have permission.

Despite the fact that Baikonur can be safely called one big attraction, there are some particularly interesting objects here.

Gagarin’s start Baikonur

This is the first launching pad and the main attraction of the cosmodrome. The spaceship with the “first man”, the rocket and the earth satellite – all the very first things into space were sent from here.

Until now, the launch pad functions and fulfills the same role as it did half a century ago. Tourists are not allowed in the launch area, but you are welcome to visit the observation deck. The visibility is good, so you won’t miss anything.

Gagarin’s start Baikonur – double 2

The serial number of this launch pad is 31. It duplicates the first square, but is mainly used for launching cargo ships. Regarding viewing for tourists, the rules are the same – only from the observation deck at a distance.


Another launching pad. From here they launch rockets with heavy cargo into space. Interesting: the safe zone for tourists starts at a distance of 3 km. However, all those who have at least once been to Proton claim that in terms of spectacle and noise the launch at this site overtakes those where you can stand at a distance of 1 km as well.


The purpose of the airfield was to land the Buran shuttles. But the project was closed, and the runway only once received the ship. Still, Yubileyny does not stand without use. Today it is the “helper” of special flights to deliver large parts and satellites to the site.

Cultural program at Baikonur

How can a city be attractive to tourists without a museum? And Baikonur has one, too. At the Historical Museum of Cosmonautics, space lovers will see the houses of Gagarin and Korolev (everything remains as it was when the cosmonauts were alive), real rocket engines, “that very” alien food, and other unique exhibits.

Don’t forget to take a look at the souvenir shop when you get home to make your trip to Baikonur seem like a dream. Mock-ups of rockets, trinkets, magnets, clocks, flags, and everything is strictly space-themed.

You don’t always need a rocket to fly into space. Sometimes a trip to Baikonur as a part of

Minzifa Travel tour is enough. Contact us by WhatsApp or e-mail and we will be happy to pick up a tour for the dates you are interested in and tell you all the details!

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