Korgalzhyn Reserve – unity with the nature of Kazakhstan

Korgalzhyn Reserve

Who hasn’t dreamed at least once of being alone with nature and enjoying the peace and quiet? With Minzifa Travel this wish will come true. Welcome to Korgalzhyn reserve – the pearl of the region and one of the UNESCO heritage.

Korgalzhyn reserve is not like a simple natural attraction. Not only connoisseurs of solitude, but also scientists come here to study the behavior of rare birds and enjoy the local beauties.

The protected nature area was created in 1968 to preserve flamingos and a number of other birds in their natural habitat. Most of the inhabitants of the reserve are listed in the Red Book.

An interesting fact: many of the birds that can be found in Korgalzhyn reserve do not lead a sedentary lifestyle. They fly away and then come back, so this place is called the Bird Bazaar.

The pink flamingos are of special interest for tourists and scientists. In the last decade the population of birds has decreased by 3 times, and if you want to catch them here, come in the warm season – from May to October. During these months, you can watch flamingos with binoculars.

However, Korgalzhyn reserve is beautiful at any time of the year. In winter, vacationers have the opportunity to go fishing. The fish get oxygen through the holes, so fishing helps solve the problem of freezing. The main thing is to get a permit, but you can do it on the spot in the office of the reserve.

In 2008, the area of the reserve was doubled: bogs and lakes occupy a significant part of it. The main lake on the territory is Teniz, the name of which is translated as “sea”. The lake is really salty and its composition can be compared to that of the sea. The second popular lake – Korgalzhyn – gave its name to the reserve. It has fresh water and the lake itself is divided into several small independent lakes.

Despite the fact that the reserve is not closed to tourists, it is forbidden to be in the reserve without being accompanied by someone from the staff and permission. The territory is not intended for walking, so excursions are conducted by car: either off-road vehicles of holidaymakers, or the reserve car. To look at the birds will be interesting in any weather, but in the rain the excursion is better to postpone, because there is a risk of erosion of roads.

“Bird’s Paradise.”

There are no cultural and historical attractions in the reserve, but there is something more original – the Bird’s Paradise Visitor Center. Here you can learn all about the history of the reserve and the life of its inhabitants. Each room of the center is thematic, so you should think in advance what you would like to learn about first:

  • water hall – they will tell you about the formation of lakes and swamps and the mysteries of the underwater world;
  • the central hall – nothing will be hidden about the main symbol of the reserve – the flamingo;
  • History Hall – how and why the Reserve was created: you can learn everything about the ethnography and history of this area;
  • the hall of steppes – they show a film about marmots, let you listen to the voices of animals and introduce you to the world of animals.

You can come to Korgalzhyn Reserve with children as well: they won’t get bored. The center has a children’s zone where children learn a lot of interesting things about nature while playing, a cinema hall and a magical corridor of legends.

You do not need to be a scientist or an environmentalist student to fully enjoy the beauty of Korgalzhyn reserve. Amazing birds, transparent lakes, a visitor’s center – both adults and children will enjoy their time on the territory of the reserve.

As part of tours in Kazakhstan with Minzifa Travel you will certainly visit Korgalzhyn Reserve. We will be happy to help you choose a tour or excursion for the dates you are interested in, and you can get all the details on WhatsApp or e-mail travel@minzifatravel.com. See you soon!

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