Uzbekistan-Self-Traveling in a Week

More and more often we began to receive requests on social networks (Instagram, Facebook) about independent travel to Uzbekistan in a week. And it would seem that a week is not a short period. However, to get to know and become friends with Uzbekistan closer, two weeks is not enough. We tell you as experienced travelers who know their homeland and every secret corner of it.

Uzbekistan is a sunny country in Central Asia, actively gaining popularity, in terms of tourism, among near and far abroad countries. Walking through the colorful streets you can meet guests from Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Malaysia, Belarus, Germany, France, Italy and others.

Why visit Uzbekistan?
Uzbekistan is the grandeur of history, architecture, culture, traditions. Birthplace of great minds, sciences and empire of Tamerlane (Amir Timur). Wonderful hospitable people full of life and smiles, delicious national cuisine, liters of fragrant tea, bright sun and a nature that fascinates with its uniqueness.

When is the best time to visit Uzbekistan?
The best time to travel to Uzbekistan is in spring and autumn. However, depending on the style of recreation, guests come in winter (on ski tours to Uzbekistan) and summer (on tours to the Aral Sea, jeep tours, tours to the yurt camp). It all depends on personal preferences and travel style.

Is it difficult to organize a vacation in Uzbekistan by yourself?
Of course, as in traveling to any country can cause its own difficulties. You need to study in advance the cultural nuances of the country, the available flights, hotels (or guest houses), cities, how to move between them, the cuisine (to suit your body).

There is an easier option, which is to apply to local tour operators in your city or in Uzbekistan itself (the latter are usually cheaper). Now on the Internet you can find tours to Uzbekistan for every taste. If you choose this option you will be given ready and worked out program of group tour or prepared individual route in Uzbekistan which is based on your personal wishes (days, number of stars of hotels, travelling style).

Week in Uzbekistan. Approximate route:
Day 1: Your city – Urgench – Khiva
Day 2: Khiva – Bukhara
Day 3: Bukhara
Day 4: Bukhara – Yurt Camp
Day 5: Yurt Camp – Samarkand
Day 6: Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand
Day 7: Tashkent – Chimgan, Charvak – Tashkent

Transfer between cities by high-speed train or by car (depending on the route). Hotels mostly boutique hotels (local color) or 3*.

Uzbekistan is a modern country, and you can travel by yourself. However, to organize a vacation so that the rest was a vacation, without too much headaches, is not for everyone. Do not forget to add to our social networks to follow the updates. See you again in sunny Uzbekistan!

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