Excursion in Tashkent

Tashkent is the capital and most beautiful city of Uzbekistan. Minzifa Travel will be happy to introduce vacationers to the grandeur and sophistication of Tashkent and provide a sightseeing tour of the main sights of the city.

What awaits the sightseers?

The sightseeing tour of Tashkent is conducted by bus, but walking is also assumed. Acquaintance with the ancient and modern history of the capital includes:

– A visit to the Museum of Applied Art. You will see works of Uzbek jewelers, goldsmiths and craftsmen and other unique exhibits that tell the story of Tashkent;

– A trip to the country’s famous Independence Square or Mustaqillik. The townspeople gather here and celebrate folk festivals. The square was created in the 19th century, but it got its present name only after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Mustaqillik symbolizes serenity and peace – qualities that the Uzbek people have longed for;

– Walking through Alisher Navoi Park and visiting Madras Abdul Qasim. Here, sightseers will be able to walk through the center of craftsmen and buy national souvenirs. Crowns of centuries-old trees, lots of greenery, flowerbeds and decorative shrubs create a romantic mood. In the park you can ride a bike and a boat, admire the artificial lake or stop by one of the cafes;

– acquaintance with the ancient madrasah – Kukeldash. According to legend, from the high towers surrounding the madrasah, threw unfaithful wives. At first it served as a caravanserai, then as a fortress. Today it is one of the main madrasahs in Central Asia. After seeing the landmark, sightseers will be able to stroll through the famous Chorsu Bazaar and taste juicy fruits, halva and other Uzbek treats;

– visit to the third largest mosque in Uzbekistan – Juma Mosque. The building differs in architecture from standard oriental buildings. The structure and design of the mosque is close to the Gothic style: majestic domes, a large arch, beautiful panoramic view of the old city;

– a walk around Amir Temur Square. The park is decorated with a statue of the conqueror Tamerlane with the famous motto “Strength in Justice”.On the square is the Museum of Temurid History with a memorial and the Sailgoh pedestrian street. Here sightseers will be able to buy Uzbek jewelry and ceramics, drawings of street artists, oriental shoes and sweets;

– Acquaintance with the complex Hast Imam. In Moi Muborak Madrasah tourists will see the Koran of Osman, dating back to the VII century. This specimen is the most famous Koran in the world;

– Admire the Tashkent metro. Each subway station is an original exposition of the craftsmanship of talented builders and designers.

At the end of the day sightseers will be able to use the bonus of the program and visit the ruins of the ancient temple – the museum “Ming Urug”. The cost of the tour in Tashkent (from $ 120) includes services of a professional guide and TC. Additionally the tourists pay for entrance tickets to museums, video and photo shooting in museums, tips.

Excursion in Tashkent for guests from the United States, Germany and other countries is conducted in English. For video tour in Tashkent guests can be picked up at hotel or other convenient place.

With Minzifa Travel tour participants will get acquainted with the capital of Uzbekistan and spend time in a pleasant company. Please register for guided tour in Tashkent on official website or contact us by e-mail: travel@minzifatravel.com. Specify your wishes and we will do our best to make your trip unforgettable!

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