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Uzbekistan is a land of diverse, yet peculiar, public and cultural development. Having been conquered by Arabs and Soviets, and settled by Buddhists and Chinese, the Uzbek culture is influenced by pretty much every other civilization. The country also saw many influential figures throughout its history who not only influenced Uzbekistan but left their imprints throughout the world. Our House museum tours cover some of the museums devoted to these inspirational personalities.

Below Are The House Museums Of Famous And Influential People We Offer Tour To:

Tamara Khanum

Tamara Khanum was an influential Uzbek dancer most notably known as the first Uzbek women to perform publicly without a veil. The Memorial House Museum of Tamara Khanum is a museum completely devoted to Tamara which exhibits several of her iconic costumes she wore during her performances. Besides that, the museum also hosts manuscripts, posters, portraits of Tamara by artists, memoirs, and CDs of her songs. It was the place where Tamara Khanum spent last days of her life.

Ural Tansykbaev

Named as People’s Artist of the USSR and People’s Artist of the Uzbek SSR, Ural Tansykbaev was one of the best painters Uzbekistan ever had. He was deeply involved with French expressionism which is evident in most of his early artworks. A museum was later built in honor of him where you can find most of his masterpieces.

SerhiyPetrovich Borodin

Serhiy Borodin was an acclaimedRussian writer of the 20th century who was living in Tashkent since 1951. The museum named after him preserves the furniture and atmosphere of his house in the exact way when he was alive. The library has more than 10,000 books along with other artworks.

Sergei Yesenin

Sergei Yesenin is a well-known and renowned Russian lyrical poet of the 20th Century who traveled and performed extensively around the world. He is accredited for establishing the Imagist movement in Russian literature. A museum was made in 1995 to honor the national poet in his 100th birthday and got named as Yesenin Museum of Moscow.

Abdulla Qahhor

Considered one of the best Uzbek writers of the 20th Century, he wrote numerous novels, short plays, and poems, and also translated works of other famous Russian writers to Uzbek language. He was awarded many national awards for his contribution in literature.

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