Tashkent Evening City Tour

Experience the magnificent out-of-the-ordinary scenic view of Tashkent at dusk in our Tashkent Evening City Tour when the beautiful buildings and historical monuments get lit up for the evening and take a whole new avatar altogether. It is an ancient city and one of the biggest in Central Asia which is rapidly getting urbanized. A unique blend of Middle Ages building and modern European construction can be found in this city of Uzbekistan.

Here Are The Sightseeing Spots We Cover In Tashkent Evening City Tour:

Minor Mosque

This newly-created mosque only opened in 2014 has already become a favorite hot spot among tourists who keep praising its color combination and architectural beauty, and even its surrounding landscape area. The turquoise dome, gold plated mihrab, and white marbles give it a unique and heavenly look.

Navoi Opera Theatre

It is one of the four beautiful and significant theatres in former Soviet Union which glorifies the Russian architectural masterpiece of the past. It intermittently hosts plays, operas, dance programs and all. The theatre is centrally located and hence accessible from most other tourist places. After sunset, lights in various parts — both outside and inside — of the theatre give this place a magnificent look.

Amir Timur Square

The centrally located horse statue of the commander and founder of a huge medieval empire which Uzbekistan was part of. It is known as the heart of Tashkent with lush, green space in abundance which provides a calm relaxing environment. In evening time, this park gets well decorated with light bulbs and lamps.

Palace of International Forums

This architectural sensation is located in Amir Timur Square and was inaugurated to mark the 2200th founding anniversary of the city of Tashkent. This is an important political and commercial convention center where conferences and cultural events are held. In the night time, the overwhelming beauty of this place becomes far more exuberant when the opulent Swarovski crystal lamps light up which creates a festive and ceremonial atmosphere.

Besides that, you can always make a request to us for any other tourist spot you’ll like to visit in evening time which we’ll arrange in no time. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us regarding Tashkent Evening City Tour or other Uzbek tour packages.

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