Tour of Khiva

Tour of Khiva

Khiva is an open museum, without which it is impossible to imagine the rich cultural and historical heritage of Uzbekistan. Take a tour of Khiva and immerse yourself in an oriental fairy tale together with Minzifa Travel!

What can the sightseers expect?

Tour of Khiva is conducted in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian and lasts 4-5 hours. During this time, visitors will get acquainted with the ancient city of Ichan Kala, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In ancient times Ichan Kala was a large slave market, and today it is ready to receive guests and lift the veil of eastern secrets!

During the tour of Khiva, visitors will see:

Ata Darwaza (western gate)

It is impossible to imagine a tour around Khiva without seeing the main gate of the city. Gate leafs are decorated with geometric patterns and floral ornament. In the central part of the gate are equilateral quadrangles with octagonal stars and surahs from the Koran.

The seventeenth-century citadel of the Kunya Ark

In earlier times the fortress housed a harem, auxiliary rooms, a mint, a mosque, a khan’s office and a reception hall. Military trainings and parades were also held here.

The Djuma Mosque and the most ancient minaret

Since the 10th century the Juma Mosque has been the main mosque of the city, but later the building was rebuilt. The original columns, unique carvings, floral and vegetal pattern, and painting of flowers of briar and iris only confirm the artistic value of the mosque. The minaret is decorated with arched lanterns and turquoise bricks.

The largest madrassah in the city of Muhammad Aminhan

The ruler of Khiva dreamed of building a magnificent educational institution and the goal was achieved. Majestically towering domes, elegant patterns, majolica decoration, intricate ornaments, exquisite carvings – today everyone can stay overnight at the madrasah. 

Majestic minarets

There is an interesting legend associated with the construction of Kalta Minar. It is said that the Emir of Bukhara was against the construction of the magnificent minaret by the Khan of Khiva. Emir tried to entice the architect to his side, but the Khan could not forgive the betrayal. The architect was executed and the Kalta Minar became the main decoration of the city.

Magnificent Mausoleums

The mausoleum of Said Allaudin was created in the 15th century, and four centuries later the architects added to it the zarotkhona, a room for ablution before prayer.

The palace of Tash-Khovli,

The palace consists of three parts: Ishrat Hovli (the building for receptions and ceremonies), Harem and Arz Hovli (court proceedings). The palace is made of burnt brick and its walls are strikingly elegant and rich.

Ak Mosque

The white mosque is notable for its simplicity and sophistication, but its small size and modest decoration did not prevent it from being a worthy example of Asian medieval architecture.

Islamkhoja Madrasah and Minaret

Laconic and clear decor, two-tiered arched loggias, glazed decorative domes, majolica of blue and white tiles attract the attention of thousands and thousands of tourists to the madrasah every year.

The highlight of the tour around Khiva for guests from Bukhara, Moscow, Samarkand and other cities will be a walk through the atmospheric alleys and narrow streets of the city. Lace mosaic, brickwork, intricate drawings, turquoise domes – the beauty of Ichan Qala can not be left without attention.

The cost of the tour of Khiva (from 6 122 rubles) includes the services of a professional guide. Photo and video shooting in museums and entrance fees are paid additionally. Meals are not included in the price and program of the tour.

Explore the history of ancient Ichan Qala with Minzifa Travel and enjoy a fascinating tour of the main attractions. Apply for a tour of Khiva on the official website or write to our email: Share your wishes and we will do our best to make your trip unforgettable!

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