Tours in Kazakhstan – history and modernity. The vacation of your dreams.

tours in Kazakhstan

Do you dream to go on a fabulous journey that will change the idea of beauty? We invite you to the amazing tours in sunny Kazakhstan!

Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia, so every tourist will find something unforgettable in it. Unique natural landscapes, wild endless steppes, snow-covered mountain peaks, and mighty mountains: start your acquaintance with the country of nomads with Minzifa Travel!

Tours to Kazakhstan by Minzifa Travel are a unique combination of Eastern calm, Western majesty and inimitable brilliance of cities. Welcome!

Minzifa Travel Company is glad to present you the most colorful and rich tours in Kazakhstan for unforgettable vacation. We have put together a perfect program so that every day of your trip will be filled with bright emotions and colorful impressions.

Prices of tours to Kazakhstan depend on its duration and program, as well as the chosen hotel for accommodation. We want you to have a choice, so we offer tours of different orientation.

Cultural Tours in Kazakhstan

Explore all facets of Kazakhstan and its rich culture:

  • admire the beauty of the cities of Almaty and Nur-Sultan;
  • Enjoy the unforgettable view of the Charyn Canyon;
  • Be inspired by the beauty of Lake Issyk;
  • visit the tomb of the Golden Man;
  • explore the main attractions of the cultural capital.

At the intersection of culture and nature

Maybe you want to explore the natural attractions that have long been an integral part of Kazakhstan’s culture? With Minzifa Travel you can:

  • Visit the enormous Altyn-Emel Nature Reserve;
  • see Charyn Canyon;
  • hear the singing of Barkhan, shrouded in legends;
  • Enjoy a walk in the mountains of Aktau;
  • admire the red stone valley;

Active recreation

Not used to sitting in place and do not want to give up the active lifestyle, even on vacation? Then buy an active tour in Kazakhstan. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed!
Kazakhstan offers great opportunities for tourism and sports: climbing, skiing, hiking, safari, trekking, hunting, and fishing. Discover the country from a completely different side!

Closer to the Stars: His Majesty Baikonur

Dreaming of seeing space and experiencing alien romance? Tours to Kazakhstan 2022 are not without a visit to the legendary Baikonur Cosmodrome.
With Minzifa Travel you will see with your own eyes the place where human space exploration began. Launch of the first artificial satellite, a flight into space and famous “Let’s go” are available for every tourist! Price of the tour – from $ 3 970 per person.

With Minzifa Travel you:

  • Learn about the history of cosmonautics;
  • visit Baikonur and the Museum of the History of Cosmonautics;
  • go to the cosmodrome;
  • see models of rockets and launch pads;
  • visit Yuri Gagarin’s house.

Short tours in Kazakhstan

If you find yourself in Kazakhstan just for a few days and want to experience the atmosphere of the Asian country, Minzifa Travel is at your service! We offer short tours to Kazakhstan to the sea, mountains and historical sites. Depending on the tour you choose, over the weekend you will:

  • visit the Kolsai Lakes;
  • have a picnic surrounded by coniferous forests and alpine meadows;
  • stroll through Independence Square and take pictures by the fountains;
  • admire the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation and Khazret Sultan Mosque;
  • see the Sherkala Mountain, which was a reference point for the traders passing along the Great Silk Road.
  • Buy souvenirs in the Khan Shatyr shopping mall.

With Minzifa Travel tours to Kazakhstan in 2022 will become a reality. We follow the news in the world of tourism in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, and will be happy to help you find the most up-to-date tours. Our e-mail: We will be glad to answer any question!

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