Tours in Kyrgyzstan – holidays in Issyk-Kul “Pearl of Kyrgyzstan”

Tour of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a diamond in the crown of ancient Asian empires and a country which cannot be avoided. Kyrgyzstan has not yet been explored enough by tourists, so you have a great opportunity to become a pioneer!

Kyrgyzstan abounds with cultural and natural attractions and ample opportunities for skiing, recreation and beach holidays. With Minzifa Travel tours to Kyrgyzstan are available today!

The tourist season starts in June and lasts until September, but we are ready to offer a tour to Kyrgyzstan for the May holidays. You will need a visa, a passport and the desire to travel.

Prices for a tour to Kyrgyzstan depend on the conditions of accommodation and the number of people in the group. On our website you can purchase a tour to Kyrgyzstan from $1045.

The main goal of our trip is Issyk-Kul, which is deservedly called the “Pearl of Kyrgyzstan”. With Minzifa Travel you will have 8 fabulous days to get acquainted with Kyrgyzstan, which will appear in all its glory.


Our journey begins in the capital city of Bishkek. You will be able to:

  • Visit Victory Square and Burana Tower;
  • Stroll through Oak Park and Ala-Too Central Square;
  • look in the National Philharmonic Hall;
  • admire exhibits at the Balbal Museum under the starry sky.


A tour to Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan will delight even the most experienced tourists. It is one of the largest mountain lakes in the world and the Pearl of Asia.


As part of the tour, we will visit the city of Karakol, located near the northern shore of the lake. Here tourists will be able to experience not only the cultural but also the natural atmosphere of Kyrgyzstan:

  • Grigoryevskoe, Semenovskoe gorges;
  • national park;
  • snow-covered mountain tops;
  • slopes overgrown with fir trees;
  • Dungan mosque built by Chinese craftsmen (without nails);
  • an ancient Russian Orthodox Church made of wood.

Zheti Oguz

An important part of the trip will be a visit to Zheti Oguz Gorge. It is famous for its red stone, which gave its name to the gorge (translated as “Seven Bulls”). On the way we will meet a mountain that looks like a broken heart, and after climbing it we will see a panoramic view of the gorge.

Since Kyrgyzstan is a country of nomads, we couldn’t help but include an introduction to this culture. During the tour, tourists will be able to meet a hunter who tracks foxes and hares using the ancient method – with the help of an eagle.

Kichi Naryn

Not enough to capture your spirit? Then let’s transport ourselves to the Kichi Naryn Gorge with its picturesque passes and beautiful mountains. This is an amazing opportunity to see the peaks that are the main pride of Kyrgyzstan.

Son-Kul Lake

Wouldn’t you like to see the highest mountain lake in the country? Son-Kul Lake

is surrounded by mountains, and there are real yurts where you can rest and even stay overnight.

More creativity

A tour to Kyrgyzstan 2022 would not be complete without a visit to the 33 Parrot Pass. At this stage of the trip, tourists will be able to be creative and:

  • see how felt carpets are made;
  • master the art of felting;
  • draw a drawing with colored wool;
  • roll the wool for the future carpet;
  • visit the craft museum and admire horse harnesses, fur coats, silver jewelry.

Ala Archa

The final (but not the most important) stage of the trip will be a walk in the gorge and the Ala Archa Nature Park. During the Soviet era, the park was accessible only to government officials, but today it is open to all comers. Admire the panoramic view of the gorge and the picturesque mountain waterfall.
In your free time, tourists can stroll through the Osh bazaar – one of the most ancient and colorful attractions, visit the cemetery “Khan’s Graves”, look into the botanical reserve “Chon-Aryk”. Don’t forget to taste national cuisine (pilaf and koumiss), watch traditional horse races and listen to the legends, which will be gladly told by every local resident. Enjoy all the beauty of Kyrgyzstan with Minzifa Travel!

We will be glad to be your guides in a wonderful Asian world and its main pearl – the magnificent Kyrgyzstan! We will consult you on any questions and choose the best dates and conditions of your trip. Our e-mail: See you!

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