Tours to Uzbekistan for the New Year from 2021 to 2022


Tours to Uzbekistan for the New Year from 2021 to 2022 – now, a popular request for visitors / tourists who want to learn about the culture, meet the New Year and just, visit the sunny Uzbekistan.

About the advantages of visiting Uzbekistan for the New Year further.

Uzbekistan is a great destination for New Year’s Eve and winter time. Yes, you heard right. Surprised, right? We present you all the pros for visiting Uzbekistan on a tour for the new year. (By the way, we meet the new year in Samarkand).

Soft Winter- you could say “comfortable” winter, and it’s Russian speech in every city of the country.

The term “few tourists” refers to the season of winter in Uzbekistan, it is certainly one of the advantages, the absence of a large gathering of tourists allows the maximum to feel and dive into the local color, feel the country from A to Z and get the most out of travel.

Soft “comfortable” winter. Why? The temperature does not fall below minus 5 degrees below zero, while during the day the air can get as warm as +10 +12 degrees. Therefore, tours will be held in comfortable conditions, without brrr.

Russian speech along the whole route of the trip. And it is not just about the guides, who speak fluent Russian. Predominantly, the locals speak basic Russian, and if necessary, will gladly help, especially the guest. Guests in the country are loved, they are always welcome. Do not be surprised if a stranger puts his hand on his heart and says “Assalomu Alaikum” and invites generously, for a cup of tea with Uzbek sweets or pilaf.

Rest / Tours to ski resorts.
The delicious food, sights, picturesque nature, it is wonderful, but Uzbekistan also offers a ski vacation, which unfortunately is little talked about in the international media.

Beldersay, Yangiabad, Chimgan mountains, skiing and snowboarding. Chimgan slopes are not very complicated, they are perfect for beginners or for sharpening the technique of experienced skiers. In Beldersay, the slopes are for professionals, and what’s more, even the professionals are simply on these snowy slopes.

In winter, the mountains are also visited by fans of mountain climbing, rock climbing, paragliding. Many strive to get to the Kashkadarya region to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Baysun, a wild and mountainous land, as if lost in the textured snowy landscapes.

A trip to the mountains is also an opportunity to visit high-altitude villages that have preserved their Central Asian appearance. One of these places – the village Nanai, which is called the pearl of Tien Shan, located at an altitude of 900 meters.

A fragrant, warming kitchen.

What do you think of the idea of replacing olivier and herring under a fur coat with pilaf and flatbread, or the meat dish naryn, which is loved by Uzbek families on New Year’s Eve? On New Year’s Eve you can go to a teahouse or a luxurious Oriental-style restaurant.

In Uzbekistan, the representation of national cuisine is good: these dishes can be tasted everywhere, from an ordinary cafe to an expensive restaurant. Hot, fragrant and moderately spicy dishes are perfect for a warm meal after a tour around the city, a walk in the countryside, a festive feast or a get-together with friends.

It is not only fragrant plov, but also hot mastava, delicate samsa, nourishing chuchvara and juicy shurpa. Genuine Uzbek pilov is cooked on fire, and every region of Uzbekistan has its own recipe of pilov.

Local cooks in winter recommend eating plov in Fergana, it is hearty, with a little chili pepper added, and helps to warm up quickly after a downhill skiing or a long walk.

Tashkent and other tourist cities in Uzbekistan also decorate for the New Year. From late November to mid-January, the city streets are lit festive illuminations, on the central squares and in public places are installed New Year’s Eve installations. New Year’s festivities, theatrical and circus performances and competitions are held.

New Year’s bazaars are obligatory, where you can buy a variety of souvenirs, fabrics, jewelry, dishes, sweets and more.

In addition to Tashkent, a tour to Uzbekistan for the New Year you will also go to Samarkand, Bukhara, Urgench, Khiva, and spend the winter vacations at ski resorts. The tour program usually includes the opportunity not only to try the national Uzbek cuisine (pilaf, manti, samsa, shashlik, shurpa), but also to learn how to cook them at master classes, special in each region.

We are waiting for you in, tour to Uzbekistan for the new year, with warm, sunny wishes, the team of Minzifa Travel.

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