Tours to Uzbekistan with a family

Tours to Uzbekistan with a family

Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent, Khiva…The names of Uzbek cities sound like a long forgotten tune, and the history, music, traditions and cuisine confirm that “the East is a delicate matter”.

Buy your tickets, book a tour at Minzifa Travel, take your kids and go on a family trip. Ancient castles and mausoleums, architectural monuments, lively oriental bazaars, authentic tea-houses and slow tea-drinking parties – you will remember this vacation with your family forever!

Family vacations in Uzbekistan means excursions alive, cooking and crafts workshops, always fresh fruits and vegetables and the most delicious national food. Spicy aroma of spices, kebabs and mountain herbs, melons and watermelons – that’s how a vacation in an Asian country smells.

For a family vacation in an eastern country to bring only positive experiences, it is important to remember:

  • All cities in Uzbekistan are connected by an elaborate transport interchange, so you will not have any difficulties with movement;
  • Uzbeks are hospitable and friendly people. There is almost no crime in the country, so you can not worry about safety;
  • Going on vacation with children, you should consider the seasonality. There is no bad weather in nature, but in some months the trip will be difficult for children. Summer in Uzbekistan is very hot, and in winter – too cold, so it is better to plan a family vacation in the spring and autumn months;
  • There will not be any difficulties with the food in the Asian country. If you want to feel the oriental atmosphere, go to a local teahouse. If you are used to “regular” food, it is not a problem: there are many cafes and canteens, where they cook the usual menu.
  • If you think that Uzbekistan – only cultural and historical monuments, we hasten to dispel this myth. The country has a lot of options for children’s leisure, which allows you to dilute the holiday with the family:
  • Tashkent has the richest program. Uzbek Disneyland – Tashkent-Land is a place where you can spend a whole day: swings, water park, horror castle, roller coaster, carousel, Ferris wheel with a panoramic view of the garden. Arbors, swans and ducks, green grass – you can have a picnic here. Visit one of the Tashkent water parks: artificial waves, colorful slides and a real twenty-foot water mountains. Do not forget to walk through the Jurassic Park and take a trip to the world of dragons. Older children will be interested to visit the science laboratory, where the laws of physics and chemistry can be viewed from another side;
  • If you are in Samarkand, go to the children’s club Happy Baby: high slides, pools with balloons, the “Jungle” room. Check out the local observatory, take a ride on an amusement ride, play slot machines in Sogdian Park.
  • Uzbekistan has a lot to offer for visitors of all ages. Older kids will surely enjoy listening to the history of this ancient country and seeing centuries-old structures with their own eyes. Children will learn a lot about history during the tours, a much more effective way than any history textbook.

Minzifa Travel will be happy to help you find a tour for your family vacation. Going on a romantic trip? Going on a trip with the kids? Are the kids a bit grown up and want to show them more interesting things? You are in the right place!

To book tours and see the current rates, please contact WhatsApp, e-mail Don’t wait for perfect conditions: the perfect trip is the time you spend with your family!

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