Silk Road trip (tour of the route of history)

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Trip Facts

  • English, Russian, Chinese, German, Korean, French, Japanese
  • Minimum 2 persons, Maximum 12 person
  • Year around
  • Medium, normal physical shape and good appetite
  • Group Travel, Private Travel


Silk road trip. Around Uzbekistan Travel Package – Cultural and Historical trip covering ancient cities Samarkand , Bukhara and Khiva.

From the 6th century to the 21st century along the Great Silk Road we will follow in the footsteps of the legendary Tamerlane.

The history of ancient cities, whose age is counted for millennia, magnificent architectural monuments, beautiful nature – the greatness of the mountains, endless deserts, mountain rivers, lakes and waterfalls, and even the dried up sea. Authentic cultures and crafts, delicious dishes of Uzbek cuisine, fruits, sweets and of course warm-hearted people – all this in one journey. Add a great accompany by a professional guide and you have a trip of your dreams that will remain in your memory for a lifetime!

We will visit a sunny country, where you will be welcome in every home and will cover a rich dastarkhan, plunge into the ancient history of Khorezm and Sogdiana, check if Tamerlane has chalk in his right hand. We will visit Uzbek Family and cook and taste authentic uzbek “Manti”, if we are lucky we take a ride on donkey, we will take a selfie at poppy field, climb the Demon plateau, shout our desire in the Tien Shan mountains and bring home a recipe for real Uzbek Pilaf (Uzbek Plov is famous national delicious food).

Uzbekistan travel highlights

  • Trips to legendary cities: Samarkand, Tashkent, Bukhara, Khiva
  • Famous Madrassas and Mosques
  • The Culture and Hospitality of the East
  • Unique architecture
  • History and sights from the times of Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great to the present day
  • National cuisine, pilaf, samsa, lagman
  • Seasonal Uzbek fruits, vegetables, berries

Itinerary: Tashkent - Nukus - Aral Sea - Khiva - Bukhara - Gizduvan - Nurato - Sentob village - Samarqand - Urgut - Kara Tepa - Demon Plateau- Tashkent

Day 1 :
You are scheduled to arrive into Tashkent with (Name of Airlines), Flight at local time. After picking up your luggage, proceed through your terminal’s one and only exit. Once outside, Tour guide and driver will be holding a sign with your name on it. You are to be taken via a 20-minute drive to your hotel. It is called *Hyatt Regency* or “Ichan Kala” Hotel. Relax and recover from the jet lag. at 5:00 pm your tour guide and driver should be there ready for you at lobby of your hotel. You are to be taken via a 20-minute drive to a native Uzbek’s restaurant “Halva”. There you are to watch how traditional food is prepared as well as have dinner. You should be back at your hotel before 8:30pm. You have the rest of the evening to yourself. Includes: Transportation Master Class / National food
Today you will have a flight to Nukus in Karakalpak, it is autonomic republic of Uzbekistan Your tour guide and driver should be at Lobby ready to take you to the airport. Departure from domestic airport in Tashkent. You will be met on arrival at Nukus by our guide and driver. Transfer to hotel, to leave luggage Guided sightseeing program in Nukus and its surroundings. One of the most interesting sights which attracts visitors from all over the world, is the Art Museum of I. V. Savitskiy, world-known for its unique collection of paintings and sculptures of Russian Soviet avant-guard of 1920s to 1960s. Visit Karakalpak State Museum of Art which contains more than 50 000 paintings and other works of art. Overnight in Nukus Includes: Transportation Meals : N/A , Lunch boxes for the breakfast Guided tour Entrance tickets to museum Accommodation at hotel in Nukus
Today you will have log land trip to Aral Sea by SUV (Land Cruiser) We start our road Departure from Nukus to the lake Sudochie. In the past, Lake Sudochye was a large, albeit shallow, basin in the Amu Darya delta, and the largest lake in the delta where hundreds of thousands of birds nest, including migratory pink flamingos. The distance from Nukus to the remnants of the Aral Sea is 300 km (about 5 - 7 hours). Moving through the Kungrad district, which was one of the shopping centers of the Silk Road. On the way - stop and inspect the ruins of the lighthouse near the abandoned village of Urga. Next lunch - a picnic on the shore of Lake Sudochie. The stop in Muynak (the former port city) is an inspection of the "ship graveyard". Drive further to the remains of Aral Sea Night in Yurt camp by the remains of Aral Sea, Our driver will prepare dinner on campfire Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, dinner Guided tour Entrance tickets to museum Accommodation at Yurt in Aral Sea
Breakfast at Yurt camp After breakfast we drive back to Nukus with the visit to the ancient fortress of Kurgancha Kala 13th c. We will have Lunch on the way. Next stop is in the memorial complex of Mizdakhan and the fortress of Gyaur Kal Mizdakhan is an ancient necropolis located next to the remains of the Gyaur-Kala fortress, is one of the oldest and most visited pilgrimage sites of Karakalpakstan. The fortress Guyaur-Kala received its name during the Arab conquest, what it means “a fortress of disbelievers”, as it was found by scientists that the inhabitants of this fortress used to be Zoroastrians before the Arab conquest. And we will finish our trip in Nukus. Dinner by youself and overnight. Our driver will take you to restaurant to purchase dinner. Night in Nukus hotel Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch Guided tour Entrance tickets to museum Accommodation in hotel
In the morning depart Nukus, drive to Khiva. Along the road to Khiva - Visit the ancient fortresses of Khorezm: Toprak Kala ("Clay castle"),the residence of Khwarazm Shahs dating back to the 1st- 5th centuries A.D. 20 km north east from Toprak Kala another one fortress Ayaz Kala ("Ice Castle") is situated. The fortress is associated with a romantic legend about a young man Ayaz who built a fortress to win the heart of the princess. Camel riding and Lunch at Yurt, where we will have traditional Karakalpak food. Arrival in Khiva, check in to the hotel. Free time in Khiva and Overnight in Khiva Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch Guided tour Entrance tickets to museum Accommodation at hotel
Guided sightseeing program in Khiva: Your tour guide and driver will be at lobby to take you another city tour around Ichan Kala Khiva’s old city, known as Ichan Kala, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. After you will finish sightseeing you can go shopping , as Ichan Kala market is very rich for handcrafted souvenirs. You will see palaces with the rich mosaic, unique beautiful minarets, madrassas and mosques such as: Kunya-Ark Fortress Pahlavan Mahmud complex Tash-Khowli Palace (Harem) Kalta-Minor Minaret Islam Khoja Complex Lunch in chaikhana. Visit woodcarving and carpet workshop. Continuation of sightseeing program: Juma Mosque and Minaret Karavan-Saray Minaret and Mosque of Khodja-Islam Tim of Ala-Kulikhan Madrassah of Abdulla-Khan Madrassah of Muhamad Amin-Khan Madrassah of Muhamad Rakhim-Khan Walls and gates Duration of tour: 4 hours We recommend you check out the Old Town in the evening, It is nicely illuminated and it’s good time to take pictures. Overnight in Khiva Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch Guided tour Entrance tickets to museum Accommodation at hotel
Today you will have road transfer for Khiva to Bukhara. We will have a comfortable minivan , the driver will take you to your hotel at 11:00 am. You can have one more walk in the morning and take some pictures of this fairytale town. On the way we will have two stops; one for lunch ( you will be provided by lunch boxes) we stop at local chai khana , can order some tea and bread. The second stop we do is off the coast of the Amu Darya river , we can take pictures and see the other side of the Turkmenistan border. WE arrive at Bukhara later in the evening, after checking the hotel, driver and guide will take you to a local restaurant to purchase dinner. Continuation of sightseeing program: Night in Bukhara hotel Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch Guided tour Entrance tickets to museum Accommodation at Yurt in Aral Sea
Day 8 :
Guided sightseeing program in Bukhara. You will be met by our guide and driver at lobby of your hotel. The next sightseeing you will see today; Ismail Samani - the burial place of Samanid dynasty dated 9 century, one of the most esteemed sights of central Asian architectures, Chashma Ayub (Job's well). Arc Fortress - the center of political events and residence of Bukharian rulers until 1920. Nowadays there is a museum inside. Poi Kalon Ensemble which includes Kalon mosque, best-known minaret and Madrassah Miri-Arab, Madrassah Ulugbek and Abdulazizkhan, the 12th century Zoroastrian Magoki-Attori Mosque. Trading domes, Lyabi Hauz Complex, Nadir Divan Begi Madrassah and Khanaqa During the sightseeing we do break for Lunch at local teahouse. After your sightseeing tour (around 6:00pm), you are to be taken via a 5-minute drive to a traditional bathhouse (a.k.a. Hammam) called Bozori Kord. There you are to be provided with a 1-hour massage. You should be back at your hotel around 8:00pm. You have the rest of the evening to yourself. Overnight in Bukhara Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch Guided tour Entrance tickets to museum Hammam with massage Accommodation at hotel
Day 9 :
Today we will visit the suburb of Bukhara. Summer palace of Bukhara Emir's Sitorai-Mokhi-Khosa, Bakhoutdin Naqshbandi mausoleum - the place of pilgrimage for Muslims which was erected in 1544 in honor of Bakhouddin Naqshbandi the prominent saint and the founder of the Naqshbandiya Spiritual Order.It is considered that Naqshbandi was Sayid, the direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad People from far away countries come here to find healing and wisdom. Another wonder of architecture in Madrassah Chor Minor, we visit on the way back to Bukhara. Now is the time to visit the local workshop where You will have a master class of “Plov”, which is a traditional and famous food of Uzbekistan. You will learn how to cook it and why it is so famous and popular with people of Uzbekistan. Overnight in Bukhara Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch Guided tour Entrance tickets to museum Master class of Plove Accommodation at hotel
This day we will have trip to one distant village in mountain which is called Sarmishsay (200 kms, 3 hrs) The first stop will be at Gijduvan. We will visit a ceramic workshop, where a famous family of ceramists are working. Rahimov’s family are known for 7 generations as masters of fine Bukhara ceramic. You will see the whole process of making ceramic and you can purchase some of their works. On the way, the second stop will be at Rabat Malik. The word "rabat" in Arabic means "castle" or "fortress". It was used to refer to the fortified settlements and resting places found along caravan routes. Unfortunately only ruins of the entrance arch remained to our days. This arch was called by local people "Bukhara gates”, "Gates to the desert” or "Gates to nowhere”. The inhabitants of the settlement and Rabat Malik took water from the Malik sardoba, a gigantic brick tank buried in the ground, and covered with dome. The reservoir was filled with water from the Zerafshan river. It came along a subterranean canal - "kiaryz". One still can reach potable water by walking down a ramp. We drive through Nurata where make stop for visiting the following places.( 170 kms, 1 hr ) Visit Chashma Complex with the holy spring and ruins of the fortress Nur, which was founded by Alexander the Great in 4th century BC. Continue driving to Sentob village in Nurato mountains The historical place Sentob village is - is one of the ancient centers of civilization. The population is about one thousand people. 15 kilometers from Sentob village there is Fazilman mountain. Here travelers with a special interest observe petroglyphs (V – VI centuries) carved on rocky stones, ruins of ancient fortress, as well as landscapes of the Fazilman lake. All this testifies to the unique history of Sentob village in Nurata. Close to this point there is Guzbun mountain. This place is the expanse for extreme people. In the mountain there is an artificial gorge, dug up with mines. Once gold was extracted here. This gorge is not explored till the end, and it is the bonne bouche for those who like to tickle nerves. We will be accommodated in a local guest house. Where we will have dinner We do Mountain hiking to see the ancient petroglyphs for about 1 hour or more. Overnight at yurt camp. Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Guided tour Accommodation at guest house
In the morning depart Sentob village, drive to Samarkand ( 230 kms , 3 hrs) Arrival to Samarkand, check in to the hotel and leave laggages. Lunch in Bek Restaurant 14:00 After lunch we will start excursion by visiting, Ulugbek Observatory of 15 century, Museum of ancient settlement Afrosiyab, Mausoleum of Saint Daniel (Khodja Daniyor), Visit Koni Gil paper mill (10 kms from Samarkand, 2 hrs). A good chance to watch the old technology of silk paper production. Overnight in Samarkand hotel Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch lGuided tour Entrance tickets to museum Accommodation at hotel
Day 12 :
Today we will have guided sightseeing tour around Samarkand. We shall start our tour from visiting the most famous site of Uzbekistan - Registan square, which was the center of Samarkand during centuries. Registan Square is a complex of three monuments: Ulugbek Madrassah (15 th century), Sher-Dor Madrassah (17 century) and Tilla-Kari Madrassah (17 century). There is another symbol of Samarkand- Gur-Emir Mausoleum (“the grave of Emir”). The construction of the mausoleum, which was started in 1403, was concerned with the sudden death of Muhammad Sultan, the direct heir and beloved grandson of Tamerlane. In 1405 Timur died in Otrar city and his sons decided to move his body and bury him near his favorite grandson. From that time this mausoleum became the burial-vault of Timurids dynasty. We will visit Bibi Khanym mosque (the 15th century) it was the biggest mosque in CA Right after it we will take a walk in Siyob Bazaar, we taste fresh baked Samarkand bread, and can buy some dry fruits and spices. Following your sightseeing tour, you are to be taken to the nearby Khovrenko Winery. Your 1-hour wine and cognac tasting tour starts at 6:00pm. Afterwards, you are to be taken next door to Samarkand Restaurant. There you can purchase dinner. You should be back at your hotel around 8:30pm. You have the rest of the evening to yourself. Overnight in Samarkand hotel Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch Guided tour Entrance tickets to sightseeings Accommodation at hotel
This day we do short trip to Shakhrisabz city (90 km, 1 hour and 30 min by car) The road will pass through the Urgut Mountain , you can see beautiful landscape of the mountain range, where we will have one stop to have “Tandir Gusht”, it is traditional food cooked from meat of young lamb in Tandir. In Shahrisabz we visit ruins of Ak-Sarai. In Amir Timur's time in the northwest part of Shahrisabz there was built the huge Ak-Sarai palace surpassing in sizes even the governmental residence in Samarkand. But the palace was destroyed in the second half of the 16th century by the Sheibanids who tried to erase any signs of the Timurids. Visit Dorut-Tilyavat memorial complex with Kok Gumbaz Mosque ( "the Blue dome'? mosque) and ruins of Doru - Saodat Complex( "Place of Power'?) which consists of mausoleum of Jahongir, elder son of Amir Timur, Omar's tomb Timur's second son, Hazrat Imam Mosque and Timur's vault. At the end of the excursion we will have lunch in a local house with family. It is a good chance to learn more about the customs of Uzbek family. And Back to Samarkand. On the way you will have wonderful scenery of Kashkadarya landscape. Samarkand - Tashkent ( 300 km, by fast train) We should be at train station for transfer to Tashkent 16:30 Transfer to Samarkand Train station 17:28 Departure from Samarkand by fast train Afrosiyob 19:44 Arrival in Tashkent Transfer to the hotel and our driver will take you to a restaurant where you can purchase lunch. Overnight in Tashkent hotel Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch Guided tour Entrance tickets to sightseeings Accommodation at hotel
You are to be provided with a guided walking and driving tour of Tashkent. For your information, below are the names of the attractions we will try to show you today. 1. Hazrat Imam (a.k.a. Hast-Imam) Complex: contains the (A) Hazrat Imam Square (a.k.a.Khast Imom Square), (B) Hazrat Imam Mosque, (C) Muyi (a.k.a. Moyie) MuborakLibrary (home of the world’s oldest Quran), (D) Tillya Sheikh Mosque, (E) Barak-Khan Madrasa, (F) Al-Bukhari Institute (previously Namozgoh Mosque) (the inside is closed to the public), (G) Tomb of Kaffal ash-Shashi and (H) Center for Islamic Civilization (the inside is closed to the public) 2. Chorsu Bazar/Market 3. Kukeldash Madrasa and the nearby Juma Mosque 4. Minor Mosque 5. Monument of Courage - to those killed during the earthquake in 1966 y. 6. Metro Station: pretty interior 7. State Museum of Timurid History, and Monument of Amir Timur 8. Museum of Applied Arts 9. Uspensky Sobor Orthodox Cathedral (a.k.a. Holy Assumption Cathedral) Transfer to the hotel, and the rest of the evening to yourself. Night in Tashkent hotel Includes: Transportation Meals : Breakfast, Lunch Guided tour Entrance tickets to sightseeings Accommodation at hotel
Today your tour with us ends. Please be in the lobby. You are to be taken back to the international airport. You are scheduled to depart with Airlines, Flight local time.

The price includes

  • Accommodation Hotels 4* shared double or twin occupancy (single accommodation for an additional fee),
  • Transportation during the whole tour
  • Certified guides during the whole tour.
  • Three meals a day for Trip to Aral sea and Sentob village (alcohols are not included) at
  • One cooking muster class of "Manti" at an authentic Uzbek Family;
  • Entrance tickets to all attractions
  • Cooking master classes of "Pilaf"
  • Services of travel arrangements.
  • Train Tickets "Afrosiyob" Bukhara - Samarkand, Samarkand - Tashkent (business class tickets)
  • Domestic Air ticket Tashkent - Urgench, economy class

Please, NOTE

  • international flights are not included. It will be arranged or assisted to book by request.
Requirements for a guest

Regular physical shape, good appetite and excellent mood


If you have dietary, religious or belief food restrictions, please let us know in advance so that we can prepare for them.

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