Tours to Uzbekistan in April 2022: Time for warm and carefree travel


Spring in Uzbekistan is always blooming and fragrant, so if you are planning a trip to our eastern country, definitely choose dates in the spring month. For example, book tours to Uzbekistan for April 2022. During this period the country is especially cozy, there is no summer heat, but the day is always very warm. Winds from Iran bring with them warm air, which allows you to comfortably explore the surroundings. Weather in Uzbekistan in April is more than pleasant – there is not much precipitation, air temperature varies from +16 to +19 during the day.

We have prepared a rich program of tours to Uzbekistan for April 2022. You will get acquainted with our iconic cities, visit ancient monuments of architecture and taste national cuisine. Each tourist will get a huge range of emotions and unforgettable experience.

What awaits you in Uzbekistan tours in April 2022

Uzbek territory in the spring season turns into a real garden, which is saturated with fruit and flower aromas. As for fruit – in April in Uzbekistan, this unique season is already beginning to approach. In March, lemons with orange peel appear. Gradually the cherry blossoms, then the currants, the first berries appear. Uzbek land is always generous with gifts, so all the local markets festooned with beautiful and juicy treats.

In addition to delicious food and fruits in April in Uzbekistan you can walk around the most iconic cities of the country. Each city opens up new horizons, shows unique landscapes that you will not find in another eastern country. Our April 2022 tour to Uzbekistan includes the following cities:

  • Khiva. You will get acquainted with the ancient sights of this open-air museum – you will have a leisurely, but most fascinating 4-5 hour tour.
  • Bukhara. You will have an interesting evening free time where you can choose the form of your entertainment: a folklore show, visiting the bathhouse, doll making workshop and many others. In the afternoon you will have a walk in the city with the study of local architectural monuments.
  • Samarkand. In this city you can get in touch with the great history and the period of Amir Timur’s empire. Here you will be lucky enough to visit famous Sieb bazaar, where you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones and many treats.

When is the best time to book a tour to Uzbekistan in April 2022

Check out the guaranteed start dates for our “Tour to Uzbekistan for April 2022” and book your flights – for example, for April 24. You can fly to Uzbekistan from any city. If you’re still figuring out when to fly to the eastern country, read traveler reviews of Uzbekistan in April – they’ll give you an idea of the atmosphere during the spring days. And also take a look at the preliminary weather forecast for Uzbekistan in April, May to make sure that there won’t be any significant obstacles for walking around the cities. You can also choose other tours to Uzbekistan in April from our large list. We offer a variety of programs that focus on different types of recreation – active, leisurely. There are options for individual or group travel – the choice is totally up to you.

If you didn’t find something that touches your heart and would literally draw your hands to your bank card to pay, leave a request – we will create a customized tour to Uzbekistan for April 2022.

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