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Tour to Uzbekistan May Holidays

Uzbekistan – the eastern country, which surprises by endless deserts, majestic mountains, fast rivers and a myriad of lakes. Tourists come to us from all corners of the globe and everyone remains forever captivated by the unique atmosphere of Central Asia.

Our Minzifa travel team offers you to go on a fascinating journey through Uzbekistan, become participants of adventures and visit the most picturesque, incredible places. We prepare intensive tours to Uzbekistan (airfare is not included). Book your trip now – you will have unbelievable entertainment, new impressions and unforgettable experience.

Why can’t we buy tours to Uzbekistan with airfare

We are of the firm opinion that tours that do not include airfare give you more freedom and benefits. Just look at the bonuses you get if you reserve the right to buy an airfare:

1.         You can find a better deal for you and your family and save a lot of money on flights.

2. You can discover a large number of offers and options for airlines.

3.         Independently determine the point of departure, as well as places with a possible stopover en route.

Many tourists buy our tours already in Uzbekistan, which itself eliminates the need for air travel.

Is it possible to find tours to Uzbekistan with airfare on Minzifa travel

Our team searches for interesting destinations to visit and makes entertainment programs and informative excursions. We can only help with flight searches and reservations, but their cost will not be included in the program

Tours to Uzbekistan 2022 (with flight by the airline of your choice) from Minzifa travel will give you a lot of unforgettable moments that will remain in your memory and every time will cause the most pleasant memories. You are guaranteed positive emotions that you will definitely want to share with your loved ones when you return home.

And here are just a few of the programs you can choose from:

Tour to Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva (Golden road of Uzbekistan).

Tour to Uzbekistan (Art and Craft)

Tour to Uzbekistan (Classic Trip)

Uzbekistan Tour 2022 (7 regions and 10 historical cities)

Tour to Uzbekistan “On the Road of the Silk Road

Tour to Uzbekistan May Holidays

These and many other tours and excursions will acquaint you with mysteries and riddles of the East, the world full of beautiful tales, warmth and smiles.

Travel to Uzbekistan with Minzifa travel

If you decide to experience new sensations and want to see something you’ve never seen before, choose one of our programs and book a convenient date soon. We are open to new visitors to the country and guarantee responsive assistance in organizing your trip:

– we meet you at the airport;

– take care of comfortable accommodation for each tourist;

– We provide the best guides and professional interpreters.

The united work of our team guarantees that your trip will be memorable and eventful. Our consultants will help you decide on the most suitable tour package and make a good discount. Just leave a request on the website and prepare your suitcases for a fascinating dive into the oriental world.

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