How much is a tour to Uzbekistan? Prices for holidays in Uzbekistan

How much is a tour to Uzbekistan? Prices for holidays in Uzbekistan, tour in Samarkand, Tashkent, Bukhara, Khiva

Speaking with guests wishing to purchase a tour to Uzbekistan and get acquainted with our beautiful homeland, our managers often receive questions about the cost of a tourist trip to Uzbekistan. Today we are going to talk about it.

Let’s start with the fact that Uzbekistan has always been and is an expensive holiday destination, that is, the guests are an audience with above-average earnings. The price of the tour is due to the quantity and quality of services included, to remove some services, in order to make the cost of the tour cheaper is unacceptable, however, it can be explained.

Let’s take the example of “classic” tour to Uzbekistan. Route: Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara. from 0 per person, this is approximately 47 000 rubles, for the year 2021, September month.

You arrive in Uzbekistan, at the airport you will be met by a driver and taken to the hotel – service 1.

Selection of a good hotel in the center, with comfortable clean rooms, nutritious breakfasts, hospitable and helpful staff, booking a room in season – service 2.

Excursion Program. Service 3: Selection of professional certified guides, who speak English and Russian.

Purchase of entrance tickets for guests to all attractions so that during the tour it does not take extra time – service 4.

Service – selection of comfortable drivers in big cities where attractions are in different parts of the city (Tashkent, Samarkand, mostly) – service 5.

Transfer from hotel to railway station (RR), that is again, selection of driver in comfortable transport – service 6.

Moving to the Railway, high-speed train Afrosiab on the route Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara, the selection of tickets in the tourist season task lifted not everyone. Constant monitoring, seats, prices – service 7.

Booking restaurants with good atmosphere and delicious national and European cuisine for lunches and dinners – service 8.

Additional services: master classes for cooking national dishes, trip to the mountains, to the Aral Sea, to Yurt Camp, trekking, etc. – these are also services – 9, 10 and so on.
From $ 800. Why OT? The price depends on the number of nights, services and other activities, expensive or not expensive to decide, of course you

P.S. Of course, you can go on your own, book a hotel online (whether there will be seats on arrival is unknown), to go around town by cab (but the quality of transport, manners and markups drivers, a separate topic), independently choose restaurants, but again, the responsibility for all chosen will only be on you.

In conclusion I would like to answer the question “How much is a tour to Uzbekistan and the price of a holiday in Uzbekistan? The amount varies from $ 800 to $ 5000 on average.

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