Tours to Central Asia. Meet The 5 Stans.

From ancient walled cities to vast steppes dotted with yurts, the ‘Stans of Central Asia tender authentic & immersive experiences that you are never going to forget. Central Asia is home to mythological & fairy tale type of cities, market bazaars and striking architecture. It invokes images of mystery and great manoeuvre and centuries-old traditions. Here, you are going to experience the plentiful ancient culture, absorbing relics, traditional Islamic architecture, friendly local people and stunning scenery; a journey through Central Asia will satisfy the most curious of travellers coming to Central Asia Destinations.

Discover The Jewels Of Silk Road 

  • For you, this is the ultimate Central Asian experience, revealing all the jewels along this ancient route – from the walled caravan city of Khiva to the sparkling tall Kalyan Minaret in Bokhara and on to the great wonders of Samarkand.
  • At a place named Karmana, you will have to turn away from the highway and head deep into the desert, to a remote camp where you can ride camels, swim in Lake Aydarkul and learn the ways of living of the nomads.
  • It will be just awesome and mind-blowing experience for you that Central Asia Tourism will provide you.   

Live Large On The Pamir Highway 

  • Do you want to live large on the Pamir highway? Then please take charge of the world’s wildest and adventurous road trips along the Pamir Highway with several unexplored destinations.
  • Starting early from Dushanbe in Tajikistan and finishing in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, you will rattle through the mountainous heart of Central Asia and exploring ancient Silk Road forts as well as rubbing shoulders with local traders at several village bazaars and crossing high mountain passes that will literally take your breath away.
  • You will also love to stay in some of the most remote communities of this planet.
  • Hiking through surreal & beautiful scenery and swimming in the legendary lake of Issyk Kul.

Meet The K’ Stans

  • Here’s you will get the chance to get off the compressed track and dive deep into the cultures of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
  • Moreover, you are also going to quickly discover why travellers love this specific part of the world.
  • Starting in the city of Almaty, you’ll drive through the stunning Charyn Canyon, before spending the night in a traditional yurt with a welcoming & friendly nomadic Kyrgyz family.
  • The entire place will make you feel like you are in an epic landscape with epic hospitality.
  • Finally, it also offers you some big city thrills as well day hikes and horseback riding on its doorstep. Widescreen nature is never far away in the K’Stans.

Take Your Time In Tajikistan

  • By visiting Tajikistan, you can witness and experience the legendary hospitality of Central Asian people and you can also discover the awe-inspiring beauty of its remotest corners of this country on this Central Asia Tour through Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan with Intrepid.
  • Although your trail is scattered with reminders of great civilisations and battles won and lost, you will discover that nothing much has changed in these vast timeless landscapes.
  • During your tour, you will stay with nomadic families who live as they always have and stand in wide, sweeping elemental landscapes.
  • Moreover, you can also enjoy a picnic lunch beside Karakul, the largest lake in the Pamir mountain region and gazing upon the mighty peak of Muztag Ata and explore the ancient streets of Dushanbe.
  • This is what you are going to experience about Central Asia during your visit for the very first time here.

Conquer Tajikistan’s Remote Fann Mountain 

  • You have the chance to be one of the first people to explore the remote & isolated Fann Mountains in Tajikistan on this unique trekking holiday.
  • This mountain is tucked away on the southern edge of the Central Asian republics.
  • This specific Mountain brags about its numerous snow-capped 5000-metre peaks and challenging and testing paths through rocky valleys and across high passes.
  • You’ll meet Tajik shepherds grazing their flocks on remote upland pastures, climb to high viewpoints, including the dramatic Mazalat Pass and camp beside breathtakingly beautiful high altitude lakes.
  • This is a ground-breaking route for experienced trekkers. We are sure that you are ready to step up to the challenge? 

Uncover Hidden Turkmenistan 

  • During the tour of Central Asia, you will be able to explore and know about a rare and in-depth insight into Central Asia’s least known country on your Turkmenistan adventure.
  • Beginning from the futuristic capital Ashgabat, you will have to travel via remote deserts, visit ancient ruins and camp overnight near a flaming gas crater that is very popular throughout the world.
  • You will also explore the magnificent scenery of Yangikala and spending a night on the shores of the Caspian Sea that will be more than memorable and visiting the archaeological site of Merv will just give you the feeling like going back in time.
  • In several places, you will have to stay at local communities by sharing meals and stories and gaining memories of a lifetime. 

Ride The Silk Road By A Train 

  • The cars on this privately chartered train have up to nine wonderfully appointed compartments and each one of them has a sleeping space for two or four travellers.
  • Furthermore, you will also watch endless desert and then grassy prairieland gently rolling by as the train travels between various Central Asian republics, before landing in shimmering desert towns and cities to explore in depth.
  • You will also get enough time to explore ornate Islamic palaces, ancient mud brick forts and fascinating Soviet-Era structures that are awaiting your arrival.
  • You will also get to learn the ways of ancient traders known for trading goods, but the twist is that you are going to learn all that in a thoroughly modern style. 

Certainly, you are going to learn and explore a lot of things during your Incredible Holiday Adventures in your Central Asia Tour. In order to know more, please Contact Us

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