Excursions in Uzbekistan for acquaintance with Eastern culture

Uzbekistan smells of freshly baked tortillas, fragrant pilaf and honey melons. It amazes with beautiful ceramics and colorful carpets. It attracts ancient cities and bazaars with a special atmosphere. To experience all the unique emotions of being in our country you can in 1-2 days. You do not need to book a multi-day tour to see the main sights or buy souvenirs in the bazaar. If you have some free time, book tours in Uzbekistan.

Our Minzifa Travel team presents various options of excursions in Uzbekistan from Tashkent, Samarkand, Khiva and not only. Even one or two days will be enough for us to appreciate all cultural heritage of our lands.

When is the best time to go on excursions in Uzbekistan?

During the excursions in Uzbekistan we will have long familiarization walks. So, of course, it is better to go to Uzbekistan for excursions in spring, when the thermometer rises to +25 degrees, and sometimes to +35. During this period everything becomes greener, the sun is more gentle, and blooming trees give a unique fragrance to the city. Walking in such weather is a pleasure, which means that your tour in Uzbekistan will be remembered only by pleasant emotions.

We recommend that you bring a summer jacket or cardigan for your spring excursion to Uzbekistan, because evenings can get chilly.

What tour to Uzbekistan to choose

We present more than 10 different excursions, which are aimed at getting acquainted with the ancient monuments, our culture, cuisine and various sights. For example, you can book a tour to Uzbekistan from Tashkent. During such a trip you will get acquainted with the capital of our country closer. During the sightseeing tour you will visit the Museum of Applied Arts, the main square “Mustakilik”, the architectural complex Hasti Imam and not only.

You can book a tour in Uzbekistan to the Fergana Valley, a prosperous region of our country surrounded by mountains and open to the Syr Darya River. Here you will visit workshops and factories, as well as get acquainted with the local nature.

Other programs of one or two-day tours can be found on this page. All prices of tours to Uzbekistan are in “OT” format, so you can check the exact rates with our manager by phone.

Why you should book a tour to Uzbekistan from Minzifa Travel

Even a very short trip is always a splash of bright emotions, new impressions and memories. If you do not have a lot of time, a short excursion to Uzbekistan will be a great excuse to get away from the usual business and be transported to a real Oriental fairy tale.

Our excursions are planned so that every minute of your trip will be effective and full of content. While exploring the cities of Uzbekistan we will make several stops, our guide will tell you the history of locations – the trip will be not only interesting but informative as well.

Book convenient dates for excursions in Uzbekistan – we will take you with great pleasure through the ancient cities, where the centuries-old history lives!

Leave an application online or call to arrange a short trip for yourself.

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