Travel To Uzbekistan (12 Great Reasons)

Uzbekistan possesses memories of a fascinating past, which stunned travellers with its architectural wonders. It has a long history with travel, as its cities have vital stops on the ancient Silk Road Route. The country is home to an incredible number of picturesque mosques, mausoleums and madrasas in every shade of blue. A brilliant reason for travelling to Uzbekistan is that the place is yet to be crowded by overenthusiastic travellers.

Beautiful Palace Stands Tall Over The Fergana Valley

  1. It is famous as one of the most gorgeous palaces in and around Uzbekistan, The tomb of Ali at Shakhimardan is positioned some 1,500 meters above sea level, so it looks out over the territory that environs it.  
  2. Snuggled into the mountains of Alai range like imaginary palaces in Hollywood films, you can be the one to visit this palace via Uzbekistan Tours.

Tomb Of Daniel At Samarkand

  1. Samarkand appears to be the odd one among the places that argue to be the real final resting place of Daniel. But as the legend goes by, Timur tried to conquer modern day Syria, but apparently failed because of a local superstition and blind belief that the body of Daniel is preventing his success.  
  2. It is the second best place for your Uzbekistan Tours.

Sample The Silk Road

  1. Centuries ago, even before the modern age or age of the internet dawned over the human civilization, there was an ancient way to connect the whole world.
  2. The Silk Road Route was the ancient trading path between east and the west that contributed to the cultural exchanges between civilizations.  Deriving its name from the then rare and highly popular commodity, ‘silk.’
  3. The silk route was accepted some 2200 years ago and consists of both land and marine routes across more than 4000 miles across the known world at that time. It is the route that was responsible for connecting different parts of the world that are separated from each other.

Kalyan Minaret, Bukhara

  1. The Kalyan minaret is a minaret of the Po-I-Kalyan mosque multifaceted in Bukhara, Uzbekistan as well as the most of the well-known landmarks in the city.
  2. The main and chief architect of this minaret is Bako & it was built by Qarakhanid ruler Mohammad Arslan Khan in 1127 to summon Muslims to pray five times a day.
  3. It was also used as a watch tower to look out for enemies in the times of war.
  4. Even after hundred years after its construction, the tower was able to impress Genghis Khan that made him spare the minaret during his attack on

The Bug Pit At Zindon Prison, Bukhara

  1. It was one of the infamous places in the world. The bug pit at Zindon prison is famous because it is used as ultimate method of torture to punish somebody condemned by the emperor of that time also known as ‘Emir or Sultan.’
  2. It became infamous because of two British soldiers who were condemned to this harsh form of punishment before execution by the Emir himself. They spent three to four years in that pit before getting executed.

The Bustling Fishing Port, Moynaq

  1. It was once known for being a famous and bustling fishing port, now got turned into a semi ghost town just like Chernobyl. The primary reason why it is turning into a ghost town because of dwindling population since the 80s due to the receding Aral sea. 
  2. Apart from this, the armada of rusting hulks that are once known for its fishing fleet during the soviet era.
  3. One room museum devoted to Mo‘ynoq’s legacy as the centre of the fishing industry. 

The Avenue Of Mausolea, A Series Of Grand Palatial Tombs, Samarkand

  1. Shah-I-Zinda of Samarkand is known for being one of the oldest as well as the longest running examples of frequently constructed historic sites in the world.
  2. It was established over 1000 years ago with a single religious monument.
  3. Numerous temples, mausoleums and buildings were continually added throughout the resulting centuries, approximately from 11th to 19th century.
  4.  It is one of the finest locations for Sightseeing Tours In Uzbekistan.

Khan’s Palace, Final Palace Complex Of The Last Of 29 Kokand Rulers, Kokand

  1. It is known as the final palace complex of the last of the 29 Kokand rulers.
  2. It was built in 1871. It is a huge & superb palace complex built in the traditions of Central Asian architecture.
  3. Sightseeing visitors will get to know about high portal in the middle of the complex, four minarets as well as large entrance as well as the other characteristic elements.
  4. Moreover, this palace is also well known for serving the seventh home of the last ruler of Kokand Khanate, Khudoyar Khan.

Amir Timur (Tamerlane) Museum, Tashkent

  1. If you are looking for a unifying history in Uzbekistan then you will find it in the Amir Timur Museum in Tashkent.
  2. The most interesting fact about Timur is that he was not from Uzbekistan. After breaking away from Soviet Union in 1991, the Uzbekistan’s president encouraged the celebration of Timur and subsequently built a state museum in central Tashkent featuring Timur’s history with the country.    

The Joys Of Adventure Sports

  1. Moreover, you can also enjoy the joys of various adventurous sports in Uzbekistan. Ulak-Kupkari is one of them. This sport can be compared with Spanish Bullfighting.
  2. It is played especially on holidays, weddings and during spring. There are some other sports that can be considered adventure sports are known as Kurash Wrestling, sheep fighting & cock fighting.

Unique Folk Song And Dance Forms

  1. The folk songs and dance forms of Uzbekistan’s culture is unique and is still developing since ages.
  2. There are two types of national dance forms in Uzbekistan and that are traditional classic dance & folk dance.
  3. These folk dances were further assorted into different types such as lyric, dramatic dances with their regional distinctions.

Delightful Drinks And Uzbek Cuisine

  1. Delightful drinks such as alcohol were a part of daily life for various people in Uzbekistan particularly Russians.
  2. Uzbeks are also known for drinking Vodka & tea from Porcelain tea bowls.

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